Friday, December 16, 2005

Man-O-Man, What a Week

Man, has this been a rough two weeks! Last week Luke was sick, I could describe his symptoms but for the sake of your stomachs I'll keep it to myself. Then Jaren was sick. Then Halle was sick. Now it's rough when you're babysitting sick kids but when yours get sick too it's different. She started with a fever and runny nose and then the cough. I mean the nasty scares me cough. It started on Sunday and by Monday night it was pretty bad. Tuesday morning it sounded like she was wheezing and it was taking much too much effort to breathe so we went to the Dr. After listening to her chest the Dr. confirmed the wheeze and suggested pneumonia or asthma which was not what I wanted to hear. If she'd been running a very high temp there would have been blood work and the like but since it was relatively low she prescribed a steroid for the cough and an antibiotic for her very first ever ear infection. No wonder she was cranky! The cough/wheeze has persisted but was much better by yesterday and it's a good thing it was since Chloe woke up with a fever and vomiting that morning- did I mention that Travis was sick this past weekend too? Thankfully she's better after a dose of Emetrol- a medicine that somehow settles sick stomachs; I wish I'd had it as a kid. It did not help her sleep, however and I think I may have had 3 or 4 hours of continually interrupted sleep so I'm feeling a little sleepy. But I'm waiting up for Amanda to come home from watching "Narnia" so I'm typing.

I'm also religiously taking Airborne and I haven't had more than a little sore throat- I'm so thankful! I'm also hoping that since everyone is sick now we've kind of gotten it over with so everyone will be healthy in FL.

And now I'm off to bed and tomorrow will be cleaning, shopping, and a Christmas party. I'm really looking forward to a vacation.


mary said...

How yucky. I know what you mean about a vacation. I'm hoping that we can all rest a bit in turns once Kris' parents arrive.

Tisra said...

I really like that Airborne stuff. They have lemon-lime flavored Airborne now, and it is actually pleasant. Tastes just like 7Up! It was lovely to see you guys today. Yay for birthdays and yay for Halle! Seriously, we don't see you enough.

Amy said...

I haven't tried the lemon-lime because I'm afraid I won't like it. I don't like drinking stuff anyway.

I had a great time today too. I know, I know- we'll just have to put time to see each other on the calendar.