Monday, November 21, 2005

The Babies Are Sleeping

The babies are sleeping or were sleeping anyway- I just heard Halle cry. I love this time of day, though. Everyone is down for a nap by 1:30-ish and then I get a chance to workout. I can hardly believe I'm able to get it to work out this way and sometimes it takes some work but it's so worth it.

I've never been much of a schedule person before. I like to do what I want when I want but I'm finding out more and more that you can do life that way but there are other things you have to give up. Like a designated work out time or devotion time or just by myself time so I'm thinkin' that a schedule is the way to go. Ironically, I'm going to have to come back to this because 2 kids are now awake...

OK, I'm back. In other news I'm officially and E-Bay-er (ee?). I've never purchased anything from E-Bay before because since it's a bidding thing I've just assumed that I would'nt get whatever it is that I want to bid on. I have been borrowing Christina's Winsor Pilates tapes though and I really wanted the DVD's for myself. I looked at them a year or so ago (when I was pregnant) and the set was about $60 at Target. Well, I wasn't really willing to cough up that much dough so I thought about E-Bay. I figured there were plenty of people that bought them from an info-mercial or something and never used them and I was right. I was able to get the set for $10.50 thanks to Trav's hard work at figuring E-Bay out and bidding for me.

So, Thanksgiving is coming up and my parents are coming to town. Chloe is sooo excited about watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and making breakfast with me. I have finished buying all of our Thanksgiving Dinner supplies and I've never gotten it done this early before. I'll be making casseroles ahead of time so Thanksgiving Day should be pretty stress free. Mom will be here to help out so everything should run smoothly. We'll also be opening presents from my parents since we'll be in FL this year! We haven't been to FL for Christmas in 4 long years so we're long overdue for a visit. We'll be seeing family, of course, but we'll be taking quite a bit of family time as well so it will be a vacation time that we really need.

I don't expect to have time to post for the rest of the week so have a happy Thanksgiving!


mary said...

I'm impressed with your schedule success. When I had Joey it was so difficult to make them sleep at the same time and rarely was I able to do it. Way to go on the DVD purchase too. Maybe we'll get to see you guys around Thanksgiving as we'll all be in town as well.

Amy said...

Yeah, we definitely should get together.

These kids are a little older and Christina already had the boys on a schedule so I have the "I told you to do it" card that I use. Halle is the wild card but with some work I can usually get her down for a nap too. And if she cries then she just has to wait.