Monday, May 23, 2005

Can somebody please tell me what's going on in Florida? Since I'm from there I take it personally when anyone criticizes it, but come on? This is just one story. Remember Jessica Lunsford? A couple of weeks after that (while we were there) it was a little Mexican girl. Yesterday I read about a man that abducted 2 little girls from their parents homes while they slept and raped them. Thankfully the girls were found safe. Those girls were from Port Charlotte which is a small beach community that I would live in and have considered safe. Then there's the little girl in this column that thankfully they found alive. I love Florida and have thought I would like to live there again, but this is really crazy. I know that no place is really safe but some places are definitely safer than others. I'm ranting, I know. I wish I had something profound to say, but it really just makes me mad.


mary said...

I think it's probably El Nino. Actually there's a lot I think about it, but I don't want to get into it here.

Joyce said...

You forgot 13 year old Sarah Lunde. It makes me furious too but hopefully, the lawmakers will make it extremely tough on sex offenders (they're working on it now) However, that will probably never change the problem--we live in a world that increasingly is calling wrong right and vice versa!

The laws stink as far as I'm concerned. I've said it for years, they lock people like Danny Strader and even my brother up (and I'm NOT excusing their crimes) for YEARS and let sex offenders and murderers out in 3 to 6 to commit the same crimes or worse again!

We've been told it isn't any worse (the statistics) than they've ever been it just SEEMS that way because of the rash of cases all together. HOWEVER,
just one child is ONE too many!

Angie said...

You see and hear a lot living in Florida! The news is so awful! I have heard they are talking about electronic monitors for sex offenders. These predators do not respond to treatment and certain types of offenders actually become worse after treatment. There is a website for this area where you can type in your address and find out if there are offenders in your area.