Monday, April 27, 2009

Catch-Up or Bah-humbug

I pretty much wrote an entirely different post this morning...and then my internet went down and I lost it. I probably don't need to tell you that I have no motivation to re-write it. So here's the run-down.

This is Amanda's birthday brunch. I bought the muffins and quiche but nobody seemed to mind that they weren't homemade.Especially the little ones that are carb-aholics.Manda blew out the candles on a triple layer chocolate cheesecake made by my mom.Here are the previously promised pics of the girls and I in our Easter outfits. Chloe picked out my dress. I don't think I would have picked it but it looked nice on. And it made her *really* happy that I decided to buy that one.Homemade pizza for Manda's birthday. Guess which side is for the grown-ups?And Trav with his little girls. Amanda had to stay home and work.
And thus concludes our tour...maybe I'll get a chance to post a more thoughtful, uninterrupted post tomorrow.


Christy said...

Triple layer chocolate cheesecake??? Holy moly.
Love the Easter photos :)

Angie said...

Everything looks delicious! I really like the haircuts and Easter dresses too!

Tisra said...

That brunch looks SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! Happy Birthday Amanda!

Mary said...

Mmmm. Birthday brunch is a great idea. I love it.

Sorry about your post. I like the pictorial version though.