Monday, February 16, 2009


This past weekend was a pretty eventful one. Valentine's Day was low-key and that's fine with me. When I was a kid Valentine's Day usually involved a heart shaped box of chocolates and a stuffed animal of some sort. My parents probably went out for dinner, but I can't remember. And I find that the holidays that weren't huge at my house when I was younger, usually isn't as big of a deal at the Button casa. Trav and I had a few hours out but it was kind of lame on the Ooh and Ahh-o-meter. I don't really mind lame things that much usually and had a great time just being out.

Amanda had a big thing though. She auditioned for an acting thing and was invited to go to a super-big, high-falutin' acting thing in June- in Orlando! Apparently this is *the place* to meet agents and directors and such that you could not get an audience with otherwise. She prayed about it and we prayed about it and even though the cost is going to be really, really high, we know that this is the thing she's supposed to do. So my daughter has dropped out of college to become an actor...and I'm encouraging it. Funny.

Oh, and you probably should know that the insurance adjuster came out this morning and said that we do, in fact, need a new roof that they will be mostly paying for. The window guy came out this morning and installed a new window in our bedroom- finally. I can actually see Westhaven from my window now. Trav's van is fixed- and it took amazingly little money to fix it. And I'm thankful.
So on to the crafty stuff. I've finished block #2 of Kyleigh's- sans bells. I watched Holiday Inn last night while I was hand-stitching it and forgot to put the bells in. Which I was reminded of by Halle, Travis and Amanda. Bummer.
And I decided to go a different direction with one of those frames I bought. I mixed a little bit of white artist acrylic paint (the amount shown was *way* too much) with a really wet brush and brushed it over the frame. Easy peasy.
The watered down paint pooled nicely in the grooves while still coating a lot of the frame itself.

Then I took the black ribbon off and switched it for this nice brown and blue one. Beachy, no? Ignore the palm tree-ish things inside. It was an experiment with masking fluid gone awry. I'm pretty sure that I can do better than that, which is why I haven't let Travis take this one to work.

And just for giggles, here's a shot of the gutter that was blown off the house. If you look closely you can see a shingle stuck in the bushes. That was some wind we had last week, wasn't it? When that nasty rain storm that was part of it came through our area I was stuck in car line waiting for Chloe. I got a bit nervous at one point and was thinking about tornadoes, not realizing that the school had apparently gotten some sort of tornado warning. I probably should have turned the radio on. But I was busy reading my very first issue of Coastal Living- and I love it.

Oh, and one more tidbit before I sign off. If you have time you should totally take this quiz. Yes, it's another one about style but I really liked it. I scored 33% Nantucket Style, 33% Cottage Chic and 34% Modern Elegance. I thought it pretty much nailed the looks that I really like. So have fun with that one. I didn't think I had much to write about but sometimes once I get started I just don't stop. So I'll stop now.


Ms. Tee said...

That is awesome news about your daughter - congratulations to y'all! We had that same wind and it knocked down a bunch of stuff, but we never had a tornado, thankfully.
Your frame turned out really cute - I need to try that. Now I'm off to take the style quiz - those are so much fun to me, too! :)

Mary said...

I sort of like the palm trees.

And that wind storm was a doozy. How do you spell doozy? We lost a shutter at the old house.

I quit college to go into acting too. Though it wasn't exactly the same avenue. I have never regretted it.

I took the quiz. Surprise...50% contemporary.

Christy said...

I'm happy to hear that some of your recent trials are resolving nicely :)
Congratulations to Amanda - that's super awesome. And it's so great that you're supporting her. Everybody should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams - no matter how crazy - when they're young. I've never heard of anyone that regretted it.
Love the frame & can't wait to take the quiz!

Tisra said...

Not much to write about?!--- puh-leez! (okay... I can't write that in seriousness. hee hee)

I read all of Amanda's recount on Facebook. That daughter of yours is amazing! I'm excited to see what comes of it all in- both the career thing and the spirit thing. This will be one of those journeys that God will teach her all sorts of things, I know it.

The frame is great. I've lost my creative mojo right now.... did you steal it?!

So, no new car... glad you could fix it.

And, um, a new roof?! Wooo Hooo!!!! Didn't they rule against that before? Tips on how to get my agency to do the same thing? Gosh that's great!

And ALL NEW WINDOWS (finally)... I still can't wait to see them!

Mom said...

Just put a few more colors on your picture and it will look like fire works. I don't think Valentines was a big deal except for the candy and stuffed animal. It still isn't. I'm so proud of Amanda and they are having that this week-end here in B'ham with all the directors, music people etc. I'm going to take the quiz the last one said I was 40% country.