Thursday, February 05, 2009

Check Out the Dollar Bin!

I usually try to run past the dollar bins at Target because I really don't need any more junk at my house. And technically these are from the $2.50 bin but aren't they sweet? A pack of 3 frames with glass fronts that hang on little ribbons *and* you can paint them whatever color you want. You could also change out the ribbon or just hang them with nails from the metal hooks on the back. I painted a little bird but a piece of cute wallpaper, greeting card or wrapping paper would work too. I painted the frame black with some artist acrylics I had lying around but, again, you could use anything you have at home. You might want to hurry though since the stuff in the dollar bins don't usually last long. Happy crafting!


Mary said...

That is a cute find. Cute bird too.

Christy said...

Oooo-super cute!

Ms. Tee said...

Those are really cute :) And I'd love to be able to paint a bird! lol I've been having to make myself go past the dollar spot, too - it's so tempting!