Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back...To Randomness

OK, I'm back. From where you ask? The flu- that's where I'm back from. Yes, I get sick quite often but I'm encouraged because I'm not getting sick as much as I have. I actually went four whole weeks without getting sick at all- nearly the entire month of January! And I'm bouncing back from this nicely. My fever is down and I put makeup on and went out of the house for the first time today. I took Chloe to the Dr. because she's been sick for over a week too. She had the flu and I'm pretty sure that's where I got it. She's missed five days of school but the Dr. said that she's OK to go back. She's only 7 but the makeup work isn't anything to sneeze at, plus she has her very first project due next Monday. Please don't get me started on a 2nd grader doing projects.

So while we were at the Dr. we noticed that a new kids consignment store opened next door. I was actually somewhat impressed with the clothes and the prices so I think I'll go back when I run errands on Friday. If any of you are interested, it's right behind Costco. The girls were impressed too which was evidenced by the eardrum piercing squeals coming from the two of them. It's amazing the pitches those little bodies can produce.

Then we ran to Blockbuster and Publix and the Factory. One of those was a necessity- I'll let you figure out which one. They're having a consignment sale at the Factory and I wanted to see how long it was going on and what the clothes were like. I haven't really been to one of those before but I wasn't really impressed. It seemed kind of like a trumped up garage sale. It wasn't dirty- in fact everything smelled of fabric softener- but maybe it's just not my thing.

Rewinding a few days- I'm not sure how many because I could barely get out of bed since Friday...Travis brought home a Michael Buble' CD for me! I haven't listened to it all the way through yet but I know I'm going to love it. I recently wrote 25 things about me on Facebook (because none of you have heard of that, right?) and one of them is that even though I have a music degree, I'm shamefully ignorant of popular music. See, I haven't put music on the priority list of things to buy because everything else comes first. But I watched a video clip of Christy's son Drew play the euphonium and felt all giddy and happy inside and realized that I've let a huge part of me die. So I decided to do something about it. I remembered Kris talk about Pandora a couple of months back and decided to jump in. I've actually always been a bit clueless about popular music because I wasn't allowed to listen to "secular" music when I was growing up. I never really decided what I liked because I just listened to whatever my friends listened to when we were together or contraband Q105- *before* it was a country station. Then it was whatever music that whatever guy I was dating listened to. Gangster rap (hangs head in shame), Eric Clapton, Classical (he was a much better choice), New Age, Alternative (garage band)...you get the idea. The only artist I was sure I liked was Bon Jovi- I still like Bon Jovi. See Travis doesn't really make music a priority. Probably because he likes '80's Christian Rock and I hate it. I mean, I liked it in the '80's. Who didn't *love* Petra? Or Whiteheart? But I don't love it now. I love jazz and guys like Michael Buble' and Harry Connick Jr. Apparently I like Coldplay too- Amanda says everybody does. So I said all that to say that I'm taking suggestions. Who do you guys love? I know I love James Blunt- acoustic guitar and vocalist. But other than that I think (except for country and death metal) I'm an open book. I think this will be fun.


Anonymous said...

How about Death Angels with Chips on Their Shoulders? Or Styrofoam Onion Bunnies? Oh yeah, no death metal. Rays of Giddy Sunshine?


Ms. Tee said...

Sorry you've been sick! I'm glad you're feeling better. My son has the flu bug right now, and I'm hoping and praying I don't get it. I'm practically wearing a container of Clorox wipes right now - I'm taking them into every room with me. lol :)
That's funny about the 80's Christian music. I liked it then, but not so much now! I'm a huge fan of Michael Buble and Harry Connick, too. But I don't know what a euphonium is - I've never even heard of one! Hope you have a good Wednesday - stay well!

Christy said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Music! I am sad to hear that Trav got stuck in the 80s...but he always had good taste;)
I grew up in a house where secular music was outlawed too, so I've spent a lot of my adult years catching up. And yeah. Everybody loves Coldplay, but it's totally deserved. Even a cool, indie music person has to give them props 'cuz they're awesome.
I love so much music and I'm constantly looking for new stuff. Pandora is super fun - that was a great tip Kris gave you. Currently, I'm loving a whole bunch of great new-to-me music, mostly in the folk/Americana/indie pop genre: Iron & Wine, The Innocence Mission, Midlake, Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon (definitely adult content on that one), Bon Iver, Band of Horses...and Chris is liking Nada Surf. I definitely think you should check out Feist and Ingrid Michaelson for some cute, quirky girl pop. I love jazz too, but it hasn't been on my mind much lately.
Oh, and you *must* check out Ray LaMontagne. His voice turns my knees into pudding. I almost can't listen standing up. Of course, I could go on and on, but that list should keep you busy for a while! OH - and the newest Foo Fighters album is a good, tight, no-frills rock album if that's your thing. And Muse, too. But they're a little apocalyptic and political. And...and...and...I'd better quit typing.

Amy said...

Ms. Tee, I'm so sorry to hear you've got the flu-bug is roaming around your house too. I hope you don't get it. And I should have linked to the euphonium thing- sorry. But here's all you'll ever want to know about them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphonium

Christy- I knew I could count on you! It will probably take me two years to catch-up on all of those but I'm sure it will be fun.

Trav- Styrofoam Onion Bunnies...seriously? I suppose in your mind *that* would be death metal. For those of you that don't know Trav *hates* styrofoam and onions with a mighty passion. :) He likes bunnies though...

Tisra said...

Okay, I'm *not* a music person. I've never really cared and Eric is good at choosing music. We have every style there is in our iTunes account, so something always comes up that I like. Tim and Angie are music people (as far as really appreciating it and enjoying concerts etc.) so some of this is rubbing off on me. I really like the current Christian music, but am coming to the point of appreciating outside of that genre. A few recent favorites (yes, I'm that sad that I only "discovered" some of these this year... who knew John Mayer had been playing for *years*?!):
-Jason Mraz
-John Mayer

Amy said...


I saw John Mayer playing a concert on DVD at Costco and I thought "huh, he's pretty good". Who knew he did more than date blond starlets? He's on my Pandora too.

Christy said...

I was coming back to suggest John Mayer...I see Tisra beat me to it :) Also (a little more grown-up than some of my choices) Dave Matthews Band and for a little more jazz, Norah Jones.

Anonymous said...

I don't just like 80's Christian rock. I would like to point out, though, that the lyrics and themes of Petra and Whiteheart in the 80's and 90's were much more grounded and biblical than much of what passes as "Christian" rock and pop today. Having said all that, I also very much enjoy classical, jazz, acoustic, big band, rock, hip-hop, pop, etc. As long as it's clean and intelligent, I like just about anything.