Friday, February 27, 2009


Today I feel *fabulous*! It was one week ago that I got up in the morning and decided that moving around probably wasn't going to be in the cards for me. And it wasn't- for the next few days. But I'm feeling better now and have already had a productive day. We were out of groceries-like seriously scrounging around for food. So I dropped Chloe off at school (um, maybe just a wee bit late) and Halle and I went to Publix and bought a ton of food. Now it's put away and I need to do the 18 loads of laundry that have piled up since I was sick. I thought about working out today but I know that Trav will be most displeased if I do- so I won't. There's plenty of housework to catch up on anyway.

So last night, for the first time in a loooonnnggg time, I went to a sewing party! I don't think they're called sewing parties anymore though. I think we're supposed to party less and sew more. This week's project was a child's apron and I was determined to make one. I hadn't actually seen Travis since Tuesday because he worked way too late on Wednesday but I was still determined to go. But I forgot about a snack- like, I should bring one. So I stopped in Publix and picked up some pineapple (fabulous for a girl that's not supposed to have baked goods) and decided I must have a latte. So I dashed across the parking lot to Starbuck's. Sugar free, hazelnut latte, mmmmmm. Then I headed north, just me, Michael Buble' and my latte. No fighting kiddos- it was heaven. Until I hit a traffic jam- drat. Thankfully it didn't last too long and I was only about 10 minutes later than I would have been if I only got a coffee. That's my way of saying I would have still been a little bit late.

When I did arrive Mary was there, of course, and Amber (I've known her as long as we've lived here) and another Amber. Mary, Amber and I caught up and I realized how much I've missed hanging out with them. Sigh. It's easy to take people for granted when you live close by. We chatted and ate pineapple, some amazing toasted ravioli that Mary made- I wish I'd been able to eat more of those- darn IR- and I had a spoonful of Amber's cake batter ice cream. I'm telling the complete truth when I tell you that stuff is crazy good. It will kill you but at least you'll die with a smile on your face- wowza!

Then I made an apron. I actually, really finished a sewing project at a sewing party. I used to go just to eat and talk. And I made this little apron for someone special. It's kind of a surprise so I won't tell who it's going to but I have another one to make just like it that didn't get finished last night.
This is the side with the pocket. If you couldn't tell, this one is for a boy and I figured that boys like pockets, right? I'm not sold on the brown grossgrain ribbon that I used- actually I'm not even sure if it's grossgrain. It seems to be a little bit more fragile than that. I have an idea but I'm not sure if it will work. If it does I'll show you.

And it's reversible! It wasn't my idea but it's a good one. I love this fabric and would have put the pocket on this side but my lines are all crooked and it shows much more on the light blue fabric so if I was going to do a contrasting pocket it wouldn't look very good. I didn't notice that my feet were in this picture until later...not fixing it.

So I guess I can sew at least a little. It turns out that my problem has been the bobbin and when I quit freaking out about it I was able to fix it pretty easily. All in all it was a great night and I'm looking forward to next time. Although it won't just be me time since I've promised Chloe that she can go with me. That should be fun too though.


Mary said...

You did that, and made progress on the other one, all in one sitting. Pretty impressive work and you accomplished a lot more tangible stuff than I did. I say tangible because I did accomplish some good visiting.

It was VERY GOOD to see you again.

Christy said...

Such cute little aprons! Love them.
Wish I could come too...

Mary said... of these days we'll have to try setting up Skype while we're simultaneously having our Girl's Night's .

Amy said...

Oh, that would be so much fun! Although it would be better if you could be there in person :)

Maybe Mary and I could arrange to be in Lakeland at the same time and crash a knitting night.

Mary said...

Oooooh. I like that idea.

Forever Amber said...

AWESOME job Amy! It was so great to see you. I'm so proud of you for tackling a project too!

Ms. Tee said...

What a cute apron - I love it. I seriously need to learn how to sew. ;)
How cute that you said "just you, your latte, and Michael Buble". You just can't beat that!
I hope that you are still feeling better!