Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two in One?

While I was doing some research for the Hooked on Houses open house this Friday, I came across this kitchen. Does anything seem strange to you guys. I guess it's a kitchen for people that *really* love islands. And I do really love islands but this seems like two different kitchens in one. The pendant lights seem to be different styles and I know that having an island a different color than the rest of the cabinets in "the thing" right now but this seems like a bit much to me. I do think that it would be perfect if you wanted to shoot your own cooking show though. You have the one island for the cooktop and the other island for mixing. Maybe it's just can find the virtual tour of this beautiful home (and I'm being sincere about that, it's beautiful) here.


Mary said...

Vanessa McGee has the two island thing in her kitchen and it's pretty cool. I looked at the pictures and that's a beautiful home. Wow.

Amy said...

Well, maybe it would be better in person. As I said, I do love islands. There's so much more space to spread out and for some reason I don't like working with the cabinets right at head level. Maybe it's because I've smacked my head a few times.