Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OK, It's Nearly Wednesday...

But I suppose I'm still in time for Open House Tuesday. Or creative Tuesday or whatever but today for the sake of my being really busy and not wanting to think all that much, it's going to be Open House Tuesday, K? Oh and BTW, I'm not a celebrity type person. I don't really go to concerts and I hardly watch movies but guess who I saw at Franklin's pumpkin festival on Saturday? Why Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and baby Sunday, of course. My parents were in town and we decided to go to the pumpkin festival (along with *everybody* else in Franklin and the surrounding counties, I think) and I noticed a guy that I immediately recognized as Keith Urban ducking into the back of a black Bentley- to get something baby related presumably. And who did I see on the corner of 9th and Main, but Nicole Kidman and baby Sunday strapped to her in a baby carrier thingy. I didn't snap any pictures because I didn't think of it and if I had I still wouldn't have because I would have felt like a creep. I'll leave that to the paparazzi, thanks. But the house I'm about to show you is on that same block. Although it's been professionally decked out for Halloween. The beautiful triple window on the front are now sporting some creepy skulls with eyeballs posters- ick. I wish I had a picture of that to show you.
Here's the link for the virtual tour if you're so inclined. And this house was purchased after we bought our house in late 2006 and they spent a bit of time remodeling it after they bought it. Which shows when you take a look, it's beautiful. The house is 4,780 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and was built in 1920.

Here's the front of the historic Turley-Faw house. One of these days I'm going to research the reason behind the two names of these houses.

Here's the entryway with custom chandelier and two tone stained hardwood.

The living room with hand carved limestone fireplace and hardwood floors.

The parlor or music room with another custom chandelier.

The dining room with another fireplace that's not pictured.

The completely amazing kitchen with stainless Viking appliances and cabinets to the ceiling.The wine cellar rotunda. It's beautiful and artistic...and useful I'm sure.The expansive master bedroom with hardwoods and fireplace.And finally the master bath with beautiful claw foot tub.

And so concludes our tour. I love this house and hope you have too.


Mary said...

I'm the same way about seeing celebrities. I like to pretend I don't know their famous in hopes that they find themselves a little more comfortable. It's got to be hard to live that way. I'm sure all that money helps though. :)

The house is lovely of course. I always find it so amazing how little the houses look in the front. That's probably one of my favorite features. I like to be surprised when I walk into a house at the expansive rooms because the outside was a bit more humble.

Sort of like people if you know what I mean.

Mary said...

I mean "they're famous" not "their famous"...grrr.

Although that sort of applies too. I like to pretend I don't know the fame that belongs to them.

Nice try huh?

Amy said...

Funny. I hate it when I make a spelling mistake too. Especially on a blog comment because you can't usually change it.

Christy said...

Oh my. That's my favorite house so far! I love everything about it!
And - bravo to you for not snapping photos. I agree with Mary - let them have a little privacy for goodness' sake!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wait. You saw Keith Urban and Nicole, like, for REAL? Wow! How fun is that?

This how is fun, too. I was really taken that that "striped" floor in the entry and how they painted the ceiling. Also liked the kitchen with the checkerboard floor. I've always had a "thing" for checkerboard floors in kitchens. My first kitchen had it and it just made the room feel cheerful.

Thanks for the tour! :-)

Angie said...

Amy, I really like this one too!!! I also love the black and white floors. My parents had them in one of our houses in TN. and I always loved entertaining in that kitchen. For now I will enjoy my lovely linoleum.

Ms. Tee said...

I've seen celebrities out before - I won't take pictures, either. They need some down-time, too, don't they. :)
I really love the hardwood floors in this home, and that kitchen is amazing!

Joyce said...

That is absolutely COOL! I love her as an actress and I just read an article in Parade magazine on Sunday about Sunday Rose....She was on the cover looking gorgeous...So happy they got to go out as a family and not be mobbed....

Tom said...

Funny to run across this thread while I try to find out the identity of the celebrity who bought this house in December 2009, using a New York music-biz accountant as trustee. I'm having no luck, but the home will be included in my Jan. 14 Headline Homes column for the Nashville Scene.