Monday, October 13, 2008

Blogging Time

We're finally home from taking Joyce and Christian to the airport and from our emergency run to Target for toilet paper. How did I let us run out of toilet paper? I can't imagine how I didn't have a good grip on that but apparently 7 people go through more tp than 5- a lot more. Anyway, we had a nice visit. We saw a lot more fall color than I thought we would since it's warm right now but I guess our cooler temperatures for the last few weeks helped. I don't think I'm going to type a lot tonight though. I'm tired and am sitting in the Mom chair in my pajamas and I think I might just wear pajamas for the next week- did I say I was tired?

We went to Jackson "Falls" which is off the Natchez Trace. And, yeah, that's the "falls" behind them. I really want to go to Fall Creek Falls soon.

Here's my new favorite picture. This one's not too bad either...I love the lichen covered log and fall leaves.

And I love, loved this orange tree. I think orange is the color we're least likely too see around here.

I'll blog more later. I'm really going to try to do an open house for tomorrow so stay tuned...


Mary said...

Looks like you guys had a good time. I was sort of thinking we should try to at least see your guests, but my goodness when we have done that? I'm sure it was wonderful even with the toilet paper emergency.

It's so great that you guys have been able to travel and receive guests this year. Hasn't it all flown by quickly? It's hard to believe it's the middle of October!

Tisra said...

LOVE the pictures! Rest up, and recuperate... but then I think we demand a get-together in your new digs! :-)

Christy said...

Great photos! I haven't seen Christian since he smaller :)