Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm Totally a Cheater

So this would be the *third* Tuesday without an Open House Tuesday, right? I feel bad-ish about it but my life is too insanely busy to worry much about it. I haven't really had the time to look at houses online soooo, I'm going to be a cheater today. Yep, that's right, I'm sending you to Julia's blog for her open house that's right up my alley. She's done a nice tour of an historic neighborhood in Ohio where she lives. Whew! That's one less thing for me to worry about now.

The things I *do* have to worry about are as follows:

Scrub the bathroom floor with a crazy kind of killer cleaner to hopefully make it look mostly clean before my Mom-in-Law and Brother-in-Law show up tomorrow morning. Well, before I pick them up from the airport anyway.

Finish cleaning the house-mop the new floors-vacuum, etc.

Wash the floor mats in the van and wash and vacuum the van.

Eat something at some point.

Do chord charts for Travis because we're leading worship tomorrow night. And practice- we haven't practiced a lot yet.

I'm feeling a bit stressed and have for the last two and a half weeks. Tisra was kind enough to come over and help me paint that darn paneling. Wow! What a job. It took several hours and a bit of refereeing the five kiddos but we did finish. I'll show pictures after I finish the trim and paint the cabinets. It looks much better and I'm nominating her for sainthood.

So, yeah, that's it I'm done. I'm trying to get to blogs, read and actually comment on them but in my frazzled state I'm not sure where I am much less which blogs I've read. So I promise I'm not ignoring anyone and I'll probably be back on the ball next Tuesday. And I will find a ginormous, crazy fancy house that none of us will probably ever live in for you all to drool over. It will be fun- and then I'm going to take a nap.


Hooked on Houses said...

Wow, you have had a lot going on lately, Amy! Lots of projects to keep up with. Love the blue in your kitchen. It's a beautiful shade.

Nice of you to send people over to check out my house tours this week. You're such a good blog-friend. -Julia :-)

Amy said...

Well, thanks for doing the work for me ;)

Christy said...

Aww, honey! Hope that nap works out - sounds like you need it!

Mom said...

I wish I could be there to help you with everything. And watch the kids while you get a nap or two.

Mary said...

Hey! I'm right there with you. I cannot seem to find a moment off, but I know that sooner or later it's coming and I am so excited that by the time it gets here I will have deserved it and won't feel an ounce of guilt for enjoying it. :)

Seriously...once things settle down you will have new floors and a soothing blue kitchen to enjoy. Having had a very similar blue kitchen I especially enjoyed it in the spring and summer. It felt like a cool retreat.

Aren't you glad we never got around to making that roman shade for the kitchen window?

Amy said...

Well, not making the roman shade has much more to do with the fact that I completely stink at sewing than just not getting to it. I actually have sort of made a shade that I'll show later.