Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nearly There

Yes, I'm nearly there. After hours upon hours of the scoring, spraying with vinegar water, stripping, repeat of wallpaper, and then skim coating with drywall mud I'm almost done. Yesterday I took down (with a hammer teehee) the baseboards that the previous homeowners had framed the kitchen window with and I have just the space behind the computer desk and a little touching up to do and then I can sand. And sand and sand and sand. Then prime and paint- yay! But I have to get off my butt and finish it so that I can take Tisra's tools (that she so graciously lent to me months ago) back to her. It seems that the renovation/completion of projects bug has bitten us both at the same time.

But since I never showed a picture of Amanda all dolled up for prom, here you go. Her dress was custom made by someone on Etsy, she has on $200 dollar Betsy Johnson shoes (that you can't see) courtesy of her date, and her hair is by Matt from Dion's. All for what she described as a boring prom with lame music. But at least she looked stunning.
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Tisra said...

Gorgeous Amanda!!!!!

No worry on the tools- I'm just so excited that you'll be done and will soon be enjoying your lovely yellow walls! ;-)

Mary said...

Wow. That sounds like a lot of work. Can't wait to see it all gleaming and beautiful.

Amanda is adorable!

Christy said...

Omygosh omygosh omygosh! I love the dress! It totally looks like something I would have worn to prom. Of course, we didn't have Etsy *back in my day* so I bought a vintage black number with big brown polka dots!
And shoes? Courtesy of a date? Good boy.

Angie said...

Amanda looks so great! The dress reminds me of one of my fav movies Pretty in Pink. Such an original! See you soon!

Hooked on Houses said...

She looks like she belongs in a fashion mag! How fun.

You've been working hard! I'm in the middle of redoing our dining room (we added hardwoods and crown molding, now need to hang chair rail, new chandelier, etc) and the project just keeps getting stalled. Okay, maybe we're the ones stalling! Maybe you'll inspire me to get back to it. -Julia :-)