Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And Finally the Pictures

I thought I'd sneak in a photo of Amanda and my cousin Jake playing Guitar Hero and a get together we had while I was visiting my family in B'ham a couple of weekends ago.

But on to the important stuff. Should I complain again that Amanda's camera takes blurry photos most of the time? I'd take my little 3.1 MP Kodak Easy Share anyday- if it worked.

I'm so happy to be able to hang some of my artwork. I actually find it amazing that I have original artwork in my house. I never thought that I'd paint for sure, but I couldn't have imagined that I'd have friends that were artists either. These two in the black frames are lino cut prints from Tisra. I think that the black and white look stunning against that yellow, don't you? I also hung a couple of coffee cup hangy-things that Mary bought for me ages ago. I hung them in our last apartment but we had 9 foot ceilings and I think that dwarfed them a bit. I hadn't hung them here because, really, what was the point until I painted? And I'd like to say that my "yellow as a colorful neutral" is working quite nicely. I also hung Convergence and Sunflowers in the hall and they look great in their new homes. Yellow paint is a finicky thing though. It looks different in all three photos. I'd say that it looks most like the picture of Tisra's pictures though.

We still have to paint the yucky paneling but since we're leaving this weekend for our trip there just wasn't enough time. There are now white curtains over the window and door but they make me yawn every time I look at them. I plan to add black gross grain ribbon to them to make tie up shades. Granted I've never seen any with the loopy tops that these have but I think it will look nice anyway. As it stands right now they look like they're a weird length. Like clam diggers on short people with curvy hips(like me). They should be either shorts or capri's otherwise they just look strange. I also thought of embroidering some type of simple design in black but then I remembered that we're not staying here forever, that it would take me about 100 hours to do it, and they'll most likely be left with the house when we leave so probably not. Or I could buy these-later- when they're in my budget. Yes, they're inexpensive but my budget is really, really small.

So now I'm off to do more cleaning before the big graduation party and vacation- yay!

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Mary said...

It looks great Amy!!! So fresh and cheery. I can't wait to see it in person.