Friday, May 09, 2008

Kyleigh's Blocks

I'm getting closer to the completion of Kyleigh's blocks and it's a good thing since we're heading to FL in two short weeks. So I thought I'd show you my progress. Why am I doing this when I should be packing? Well because I *hate* packing, of course. If you ever embroider and don't have one of these nifty little fabric markers you should totally get one. Goofs don't matter and I even modify while I'm embroidering if I don't like what I drew exactly as I drew it. One quick dunk under water and all the blue stuff is gone- seriously, it could not be any easier.

I've got the letters of her name in weird order on the fabric but her initials are KRJ. I intended for it to not look perfect, just hand drawn and shabby chic-y. I think I'm getting the look I wanted. I'm really having fun with this :)

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Christy said...

Gorgeous! What a lucky little lady :)

Mary said...

Very nice! It's so neat to see your work. It's just beautiful and so neat to see the "crafty" side of you continuing to develop and show itself off.

Angie said...

Amy~ I totally took a snnek peek and LOVE it!!! I wish I knew how to embroider or knit or something. Maybe now that I have a *little* free time:)

Amy said...

Thanks, ladies.

Angie- It's really so easy. I can teach you some when we're there in *less than two weeks*!!! :)t

Tisra said...

I'm a goof and never commented- these are AMAZING!