Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting Dusty

K, real quick I'm going to put up some renovation pics. We finally decided to put everything aside and work on the house like crazy. When we moved in I started with vigor, ripping out stuff and painting, etc. But when Travis started working two jobs we sort of lost motivation so, we're motivated again and here's what we've done. And by the by, I've been using Amanda's camera and I have to say that when I buy a new one it won't be one of those. You have to push the button half way down to focus it and I really don't understand why it won't focus correctly- anyway my picture is blurry but you get the idea. Sooo, we're pulling out the remaining wall heaters in the house. One which almost burned our house down when we first moved in, did I tell you that story? I don't remember, anyway. So 3 heater holes, one medicine cabinet hole, and a hole that I knocked into the wall to determine what in the heck the damage was to our walls was. Well, to determine if the damage went all the way through, was it water damage, etc. So there is lots and lots of dust throughout the Button place these days.

And I don't think I ever mentioned which resort won out. It just so happens that we'll be staying at the Key West Resort for two days of fun and sun and whatever other fun we can have there.

This evening we'll be headed to B'ham to see my grandmother. Things have worsened and she's in hospice care now. The estimates that I've gotten give her two to four weeks to live but you never really know. And since this is Mother's Day we figured there's no time like the present to go. We want to see her while she's still with us.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Christy said...

Phew. I understand the trenches of renovation all too well. But, for some weird reason, I love it.

Mary said...

I know it must be somewhat chaotic, but how exciting to see the changes taking place. Way to go!!!

Angie said...

It sounds like you guys are getting a lot accomplished. I love spring and the motivation it brings!

I hope you have a very special Mother's Day!