Monday, October 22, 2007

Pictures That Chloe Took

Well, she took the first three anyway. The other two are of the fall wreath that I re-worked for the season (it was really fun; I haven't done that in a while), my black-eyed susans that I was so worried that I'd only get a couple of flowers from, and a bird feeder that was made by my Grandpa.

So in the interest of finally blogging about the visit with my M-I-L, I'd just like to say that we had a great time- especially Chloe. We visited lots of places and stayed at home and she played with the girls. Chloe slept with her every-single-night in a twin size bed and loved it! Joyce was so patient and didn't seem to mind at all. Travis had to work quite a bit while she was here but he did have two whole days off to spend with her and that was nice for all of us. Then we went to B'ham for a visit with my parents (we hadn't all visited there since April!) and had a really nice time as well.

And now we're heading off to Home Depot-in the rain- to get some things to repair fun stuff under the house. The termite guy came today and said that a pipe is leaking, the dryer hose is broken and is pouring out lint (which mice and other vermin like to nest in)and warm wet air into the crawl space, we have a fungus because of the warm wet air and leaky pipe, we need a new vapor screen, and we need some kind of extender thingy to attach to the gutter spout to move the water away from the house. I guess I'm glad that he checked the crawl space in the rain. Fun, fun, fun!


Mary said...

Chloe's pictures are really good. Whether she intended them to look the way they do or not, they are pretty well done. I'm glad your visit with Joyce went so well. It's so nice when they are willing to come and spend time with the grandkids.

Have fun at Home Depot...sounds like a very informative termite guy. Hope you get everything taken care of quickly.

Amy said...

Well, those are the pics that turned out well. Of course there are the "taken by a six year old" photos of random blocks, pictures out of focus, etc. But I think I definitely have a little photographer on my hands.

When I looked at the termite report yesterday (because I hadn't actually looked at it yet) it said that we might need a sump pump. Gaaa! Travis hasn't gotten under there yet because he's so busy that he rarely gets home before dark. The only night he got home before dark was the one that we went to HD. But the plan is to work on it Saturday morning.