Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a Picture-Palooza!

I don't think it's possible to sum up the last two-ish weeks without driving myself crazy trying to remember it all so think I'll hit a few highlights over the next few days. So for starters...
I'm sure you remember that I decided to tear the bathroom up just a few days before she got here and as per usual it took much more time and was way more involved than just putting some paint on the walls. Originally I wasn't going to patch the weird lines-up-with-nothing hole in the wall*but* Travis was dog tired one night but was still willing to put up the new storage cabinet we bought. Due to his tiredness however I have two brand new holes in the wall that have to be patched and no cabinet on the wall. So, since I still must patch holes and re-paint I might as well go ahead and fix the other hole- especially since I can borrow all of the tools from Eric and Tisra. And I decided to paint the oak vanity which turned out OK (it needs another coat) but *somehow* all of the cabinet hardware has been lost. I put it all in a Ziploc bag and set it on the island and now it is mysteriously gone and nobody has seen it. I really do want a new cabinet but I promise I didn't do that on purpose. So I'm going to go to Gallatin to check out a warehouse that supposedly sells cabinets for cheap so I'll see what they've got and maybe I'll have a new vanity to go with my new cabinet. The current one is less than 24" wide so it is really too small to house the bathroom stuff for 5 people so I am hoping for a new one. If I can't get a new one and I can't find the hardware I was thinking that I can just put up a little curtain temporarily- you know a little "shabby chic" look. Oh, and I need a new mirror but I won't know what size to get until the cabinet is on the wall- it's big and I don't know how much room I'll have left. I also think that the room needs another color to ground the whole thing. It almost seems stark to me. I thought about some little black accents but then I thought it would be too stark with the pale green and now I'm thinking about a shade of brown. We'll have to see. So what started out as a can of $5 oops! paint is now turning into the money pit. But at least I'm not completely grossed out every time I walk into the bathroom.

This is what the bathroom looked like before my M-I-L came.

And this is what it looks like now-

You'll notice that I still have a turquoise bathtub- but the green actually looks nice with it. Not that you can really tell what color I painted it in these pictures. I still need to paint the trim though and the door. Which I don't want to paint because we'll have to replace the door eventually and I just hate to have to do work that is just going to get thrown out anyway. The jury's still out on that one.


Tisra said...

You're completely right- the color doesn't show up all that well. But, folks, let me tell you that it is a soothing soft green. Lovely. And, Amy, you can also just buy new hinges and pulls at Home Depot. I know yoyu're interested in a new cabinet, but with gas and cost of cabinet, you might want to consider that temporary fix. Just a thought.

I, obviously, can relate to the crazy house project thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for watching the kids so I could leave this mess and FINALLY get my hair cut. You refreshed my weary body and I've gotten tons of compliments already. :-) Oh, and also big thanks for the amazing job of letting the boys spend the night the other night. Seriously, we'll have to return the favor very, very soon!

Mary said...

True I can't see the color but it looks great. You obviously put a lot of elbow grease into this project and you've done a marvelous job. I like the light fixture and hopefully a new cabinet will offer the space you need as well. Between your bathroom and the Fadely floors I have so much to see the next time I take a trip down.