Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why Oh Why...

am I up so late blogging? Well, because my husband is working late (again) and Chloe has a sore throat and fever which means I will not be up at the crack of dawn to take her to school and so I don't have to go to bed early. Of course, Halle will not sleep any later and I'll still have to get up with her but I don't sleep well if Travis isn't here anyway so I might as well stay up.

I suppose I don't have that much to write about. It isn't that stuff isn't going on here it's just not stuff that I want to take a long time to blog about. For instance, Amanda broke up with her first "real" boyfriend. She's sad, he's crushed. It's just not that feel good stuff that everyone wants to hear about. Chloe hates school and is begging to home school. Travis works a lot. I'm babysitting again- he's a super-cutie and his Mom and I are becoming friends. That's kind of exciting. I guess the only "real excitement" I have is watching Design Star. I voted for Kim. She wasn't the best designer on the show but she was the best out of the final two. I actually dreamed I was in the final two on Design Star- it was the best dream I've had in quite some time. It definitely beats out the "teeth falling out" dream that I had a couple of nights before that. I really should get a life.

But I thought I'd share a recipe I love, love, love. It's basic buttermilk pancakes with several variations. I have only made the orange chocolate chip variety and they are amazing! The recipe calls for grated orange rind but I haven't had oranges on hand and Travis hates the bitterness whenever I put rind into anything (I know it's bitter if you get to the white pith but I'm not talking about that) he complains of the bitterness so I put a couple of capfuls of orange extract into the mix (two capfuls for a doubled recipe it's probably close to a tsp. but you could certainly add less or more depending on your taste) and it tastes very much like a chocolate orange; the kind you buy at the store that's wrapped in foil that you whack on the counter. They're super-rich but very, very yummy. I highly recommend them for a Saturday morning with the family.


Mary said...

I'm sitting here thinking, what? Amanda and Taylor broke up? Chloe doesn't like school? How can all of this be? I'm sorry there is yucky stuff going on.

Hopefully it will all pick up and I'm sure the pancakes will cheer everyone if you make them tomorrow morning. :) I do hope Chloe feels better soon.

Mom said...

Why do you keep giving all these great recipes that sound so good and I can't have(sigh). To the orange pancakes you could always use TripleSec which I know Travis loves,it gives a great orange
flavor. I'm sorry about Amanda and Taylor and Chloe not liking school. Just remember "the sun will come out tomorrow" and things will be ok.

Amy said...

Well, the the TripleSec would be OK except that I don't want to booze my girls up in the morning ;)

Have I given you my alfredo sauce recipe. It has less fat and it totally rocks!

mom said...

No booze after cooking just flavor, but hey just think how relaxed they would be.(LOL) No you didn't, but I would love it. I can't have pasta, but it would be great over chicken. Being diabetic really stinks. I don't miss the sugar, but I do miss some of my favorite foods. On the other hand I would rather miss them and live than eat them and die.
Tell Amanda I will make her a triple layer chocolate cheese cake when she comes. And make Travis a orange cheese cake with Triple Sec.

Tisra said...

TripleSec pancakes- how lush! ;-) Ha!

But, your mom's got a great idea with the cheesecake. Wow.

Amy said...

Mmmm, cheesecake. I'll have to starve myself before we come I guess :)

I love the Alfredo over a chicken breast with mouth is watering. Can you have the lower carb pasta? Joyce uses Dremera or something like that- it's in a blue box.