Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Probably Shouldn't Post When I'm Grouchy

But today I'm not grouchy so hopefully this post will be more cheerful than the last. I woke up this morning with the girls, letting Travis sleep because he was up a couple of times last night for work related things. I was so tired though, my legs felt like lead and I was freezing. Apparently I've come down with something. I refuse to stress out about it though. I'm doing what I can to stay healthy but I've had 3 sick kids in the house this week so I'm not blaming myself this time.

As I said in my last post, Chloe hates school. I suppose I should have said that she intermittently hates school. She has begged me to take her temperature and she jumped up and down and shouted when we found out that she did, in fact, have a temperature. But after she missed Thursday she woke up without a fever on Friday and I was going to take her but I called the school office and they said I should probably keep her out one more day. She was happy and we spent a little time at the park with friends and had a great day. I've been praying about the school situation since before Chloe started saying she wanted to stay home with me and I have definitely felt that God has something different for her. But without any open doors there really isn't anything I can do. I think I would like for her to do the academy at church. It seems like the perfect blend of school time and at home time but I think that God would have to do some changing in me to make me the home school mom I should be- not to mention the finances. It really breaks my heart to see her struggling so much with something she thrived at last year. Our house is an emotional one these days.

Amanda is struggling with her first big breakup and is moping around the house quite a bit. They're still friends but it is not the same- apparently. It's kind of tough for me too because you get attached to "the boyfriend" too and then they're not around, ugh. It's not like I wanted them to stay exclusive forever because Amanda has some big decisions to make in the near future that need to not include a boyfriend but I hate to see them hurting so much. I didn't' like dating when I did it and I really don't like it for her.

So, with this wonderful weather we're having I have been dying to get out of town. At the very least we're going to go to B'ham to visit my parents but I'd love to take an actual vacation. Travis wants to go to the beach since he hasn't been in years, 3 1/2 to be precise but I'm doubtful that we'll be able to. But it did make me think of a place I used to go with my parents. Every year from the time I was born until I was in college we used to visit each set of grandparents in the summer. One week in B'ham, one week in Booneville, AR. No really, it was much more fun than it sounds ;) But one year a guy from my Dad's work told him about a little cabin he'd bought in Franklin, NC, that he planned to retire there but he'd rent it to my Dad for $35 a night- or something like that, it was cheap anyway. The cabin wasn't spectacular but it was clean and had a two story porch that overlooked a great stream. You could sit on the porch in the morning in July and it would be in the 50's. It was surrounded by a national park and felt very secluded. There were waterfalls and hiking trails, kayaking and white water rafting. The little road leading to the cabin seemed treacherous with a gorge 200 feet below the road. But the town was relaxing and not too tourist-y. Of course, there are gem mining outposts promising the "big one" but there aren't tacky T-Shirt shops everywhere. A bit farther up the mountain road is the beautiful resort town of Highlands. It is a charming mountain town that is quite a bit pricier accommodations-wise than Franklin but is an easy drive and is something you wouldn't want to miss. So if you'd like a vacation in the mountains that is centered on outdoors-y type stuff I highly recommend the area and here are some more links: recreation- I've been down the Nantahala and it was tons of fun BUT the kids have to be at least 60 pounds to go so you'd need to vacation with family or close friends and swap the kids off. Vacationing here is actually what made me determined to live in the mountains after I graduated from college- you didn't know that did you? Accommodations Highlands- I've seen Harrah's Cherokee advertised a few times and in my opinion you'd be better off skipping it altogether. It's not that close to the area and unless you love tacky tourist traps and gross exploitation of Native Americans I wouldn't waste the time. Accommodations Franklin- unfortunately I don't have any written info on the place we used to stay. I could find it again but that would require driving there and the guy that owns it has since retired there so it's not an option. I'm pretty sure I'd be disappointed if we didn't stay in the same area. This one looks similar though and is surrounded by the national park which makes me think it is in the same area. And so ends my informative post on something most of you weren't even thinking about but I got some of my own research done and blogged at the same time so I feel productive.


mom said...

I wish we could go back to the cabin too. Even the field mice running thru the kitchen once in a while were cute.

Amy said...

Mice! I never saw them or heard of them until now.

mom said...

That's because you didn't get up early like I did. Believe me they were there in the furry little flesh. I did squeal and jump a few times.