Thursday, June 14, 2007

We Have How Long?

I was checking out SEU's website yesterday and happened to look at the FAQ's and found out that Amanda's application has to be submitted by November 1! That's-only-5-months-away! I actually broke down and started crying when I saw that. Why haven't we looked at this stuff sooner? What was I thinking?!? Of course you have to turn that stuff in early. You need to plan- the school needs to set aside your dorm room. You have to make sure the money is there-they have to make sure the money is there. Wow. This time next year we will (most likely) be getting my baby girl ready for her first year of college. I really though that since Nashville is a college town surely we'd find one close by and she could just live here and commute and I suppose that isn't out of the question. But now I feel behind and I hate to have to play catch-up on something like this. Sigh.


Mary said...

I do know a nice lady in admissions. Her name is Linda Kelso and she's very helpful. :)

Amy said...

I forgot about that! It's so nice to have connections. But are they still planning on being there then?

Mary said...

I don't know for sure. With her promotion and the housing market the way it is in Lakeland they may stay longer than they had at first talked about.