Thursday, June 21, 2007

"I Guess That's What I Get For Thinking So Well Of Myself"

That's a line from one of my favorite movies. And really, it couldn't be more appropriate for me today. I'm watching the Fadely kids tonight so that Eric and Tisra can go out for their anniversary. And in the interest of being declared the best babysitter in the universe I decided I'd get pizza and make cupcakes- and I rented 4 movies-including Justice League- but that has nothing to do with this morning. I also needed to make a Key Lemon Pie for Travis to make up for his terrible Father's Day (I might post on that later and yes, it is a Key Lemon Pie. Make sure you carefully read the label when shopping for Key Lime juice because your husband might just decide he likes lemon better). Since I had a white cake mix that called for 3 egg whites and the Key Lemon pie called for 5 egg yolks it seemed silly not to do both of them at the same time. So I made the Graham Cracker crust, separated the eggs, put the crust in the oven, put all the ingredients into the cake mix, added a whole egg to the remaining two egg whites and put them in a pan to scramble for breakfast later. Then I congratulated myself on my thriftiness and productivity. After I spent a good bit of time congratulating myself I attempted to transfer the cake mix with the yet-to-be-mixed ingredients from the island to the counter (because my mixer cord won't reach that far)but I dropped it. Yes-I-dropped-it. Now, I didn't just let it drop because I had one hand on it but I didn't have a good grip so I went all the way to the floor with one hand on the bowl and ended up with cake mix, butter, and water on my glasses, in my eyes and all over my pants. And of course as I was rinsing my face who should toddle in but miss sassy pants who promptly slipped and fell into the mess. But I couldn't get to her because I couldn't see anything. I'll spare you the rest of the cleaning up details and the incessant screaming and shouts of "I fell!" but since I didn't completely spill the cake, just quite a bit of the water and some butter I decided to just add some water back to the mix until it seemed the right consistency and made the cupcakes anyway. I haven't tasted them yet but if they're terrible I can just toss them out and haven't lost any more than I would have if I just junked it.

So that's my story and now I have a ton of things to do to get ready for the evenings fun. But I hope it gave you a good chuckle.


Mary said...

My belly was bouncing quite a bit with that one. Yes, a chuckle indeed. Too funny. I hope the cupcakes will be yummy anyway.

Amy said...

Well, they turned out a little bit dry since a lot of the butter ended up on my pants and the floor.But with enough frosting I don't think anyone will care.

Tisra said...

I've never seen that movie. But, I am visualizing your "Lucy moment" (like 'I Love Lucy'). Funny now, but not so funny during, I'm sure.