Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I can't believe I'm already into week 2 of the girls summer break. Time flew last week when Mom and Dad were here. I dragged them to Hendersonville as soon as they got to our house this past Wednesday. I needed a hair cut and I'm very afraid to try someplace new since I have several bad hair cut experiences. And I also needed to go to Ginger's Health Food store. I was able to stay well for 2 and a half months last year by taking some products from Renew Life and even though it's little pricey I'm desperate. I also wanted Mom and Dad to try them because of some health issues. And Amanda had plans with Taylor before her modeling gig so dropping her off there helped him out a little bit. That night we headed over to Centennial Park for her fashion show and there was a movie in the park as well but since Napoleon Dynamite was showing we decided to skip it. Besides after driving from B'ham to Franklin to Hendersonville to Franklin to Nashville they were pretty well tuckered out- and I was too.

So the next day we went to the Factory and visited the Viking store, ice cream shop, and a great consignment store. I actually meant to tell everybody about it but I got a great skirt and linen top from there for around $20 so the next time I have shopping money I'm heading there first. I also found some plate holders that I can use for the paintings that I've done on canvas board. The one pictured is the one I did for my Mom for Mother's Day. I just gave it to her this past weekend because I felt like a dork by giving her something I painted (picture a 6 year old Amy handing her Mom a scribbled on card). I was really afraid she wouldn't like it because I wasn't completely thrilled with it but she did like it and it looked nice in the plate holder. I'll take a picture of another of my paintings in one so you'll know what I'm talking about.

By Friday we had birthday party errands to run, Travis came home sick with a stomach bug and we had to reschedule the party, more birthday errands because we couldn't send my parents home party-less, and hours of Rook playing. By Saturday everybody was just kind of sick from this or that and very tired from all of the running. I'm afraid it might be a while before they come back.

Much more happened over the weekend including a big health scare with Trav's Pop but God is so good and Pop is much better. He was in the hospital with a heart condition but thankfully it wasn't a heart attack and we are very thankful. He's out of the hospital and is able to go back to work- and workout- today, I think.

Right now I'm planning on feeding the little ones and am going to take them to the mall to play. It is pretty hot outside and it really isn't that much fun for any of us to be outside for long.
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Mary said...

Well, they can't complain from boredom now can they? Glad you had so much to do and see and play and all of that. Chloe's birthday gift is still sitting on our dining table waiting to meet her and the boys are having a hard time staying out of it, so if the tissue paper is a little less fluffy...that's why.

Tisra said...

I have clicked on your entry 3 times now with intent to comment, but get interrupted each time. Now I can't even remember what I was going to type. :-) I like the painting- what mom wouldn't?! it must warm her heart that her daughter is exploring new sides of herself at this age- getting to know the part of her that reflects God's creativity. I'm thrilled for you, and you're doing so well at it- like you've found this comfortable spot where you feel free to create, and it is enjoyable. As we talked about, finding the right medium for you is a big part of it.