Sunday, June 24, 2007

I used to dream of stuff like this. Being outside on a warm summer evening, weeding my driveway (funny that wasn't in my dream I just always assumed my driveway would be paved) and finding some cool creature that I could show Chloe- that she wouldn't run screaming from. It was such a nice evening, overcast and humid; the kind of weather that sends Chloe's hair into tight ringlets. Then we found them, slimy and crawly. Aptly named by the queen of naming things- have I ever mentioned that Chloe named the tree in our front yard Sally? Halle danced around us excitedly saying, " I want hold it" and then ran away screaming "I no mant it-it's gwoss!". It's great to be making these memories in our very own home for our very first summer and I love it.

And just a little update on my seedings; the maple tree really tried but didn't make it. The lemon, however is doing quite nicely. It doesn't seem to be a super quick grower so I probably have a while before I have to give it to a FL relative but I'm enjoying it for now.

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Mary said...

So cute. What a great picture of your little curly headed sunshine. She looks so intent. Happy memory making!

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Oona said...

You write very well.