Monday, January 09, 2006

It is SO Naptime

Halle is so tired and she really needs to take a nap. And it's almost time for Lukes nap. The problem is I'm really tired too and their naptime is my workout time. I don't feel like working out; I feel like taking a nap. But life isn't always about what I feel like doing. Actually it's rarely about what I feel like doing. I feel like going to Hawaii or at the least the Bahamas but that's not coming up on my agenda soon. Hmmm, but if I workout then I'll look like I could go to Hawaii or the Bahamas if somehow a trip dropped into my lap. I guess working out will win for today...maybe I'll just go to bed really early tonight.


Tisra said...

You're so good. I didn't make it to the gym today because of Lael's cold. But, I'm certain I won't be working out at home when they all go down for a nap. Mopping wins, sadly, as I want to come home from our trip to a clean house.

Tracy Mock said...

My soaps beat out my 2.5 mile walk today. I have NO excuse and no little ones running around. I guess being gone for the holidays got me out of my routine. But, sadly enough I hate to admit I am going to the Bahamas in July on a cruise ship for 7 days and get this with NO CHILDREN! But I deserve this one! So I need to walk and walk like a mad woman or I'll scare all nice natives in the carabean ;0)Good Lord I need to start tanning before Kris gets home or I'll scare him half to death.

Amy said...

Well, I'm not always good and that's precisely why I have to workout instead of taking a nap. Besides a clean house after a long trip definitely trumps working out.

Tracy- girl you are too funny! I'm sure that by the time Kris gets home you'll be the best thing he's seen in 9 months, tan or no tan!