Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I've Been Tagged

OK, so I've been tagged. I guess it's not a really big deal and it gives me something to post about without giving it too much thought. Now I was "tagged" last week and I think all of the other tag-ees have already posted but since I wasn't given any rules I don't feel too bad about being behind. So here goes...

Four jobs I have had. Hmmm, well I've had several so I guess I'll just mention the memorable ones

1. Roasted Corn Girl- Sounds interesting, huh? Well, when I was in college my parents bought a booth at the flea market and sold roasted corn and soft drinks. I was the register operator, drink getter, occasionally I was the corn shucker, and butterer. In the area that the market was located there was a large population of Mexican migrant workers and they made up a large portion of our customers. I learned a few spanish words, which I don't know how to spell, and that you could put some crazy stuff on an ear of corn.
Mayonaise? Yuck!
Butter and Lemon Pepper? Very good!
Cayenne Pepper? No thanks!
Franks Hot Sauce? Pretty Good!
You get the idea. I was also proposed to on a regular basis. I guess maybe they just skipped dating, anyway it was fun and I got to talk to my Dad a lot. I think I liked that part the best.
2. Server at the Olive Garden. Mmmm, Olive Garden. In college, after the flea market, I needed to work as few hours as possible and make a lot of money (I guess I didn't mention the ridiculous amount of money my Dad paid me) so I decided to wait tables. Since the Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant I decided to work there. I got a 50% discount when I was working and that was great. I don't really want to do it again but it was a great college job.
3. Minister of Music- After college I was a minister of music. After college I moved away from home and became the minister of music for a church. It was cool and was what I went to school for but I don't think I was the best match for that place. I learned a lot and left.
4. Target- I don't recommend it.

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. Sleepless in Seattle- I don't know how many times I've watched this movie but Travis just bought the DVD and the CD for me for my birthday- I love that movie.
2. An Affair to Remember- Cary Grant, Debra Kerr- I love that movie
3. Holiday Inn- My most favorite- I love that movie
4. White Christmas- I love that movie
I'm noticing a trend here. Basically I could watch any Bing Crosby or Cary Grant movie a hundred times. I like new movies too but they just lack something that the old movies had. Oh yeah, well written dialogue. Just my opinion.

Four places I've lived

Lakeland, Fl. It's a beautiful city, you really should visit.
Panama City, Fl. Well, it's not a beautiful city but it's close to beautiful places
Hendersonville, TN. Very nice.
Bessemer, AL. Let's just not talk about that one.

Four TV shows
1. Alias- I've watched since the beginning. It's the last season and I'm really bummed.
2. House Hunters- Dumb, I know.
3. Anything else on HG TV- Except those crafting shows, I don't get into those.
4. I don't watch this a lot but I really like Monk

Four websites-
1. Mary's blog
2. Tisra's blog
3. MSN

4 favorite foods
1. Crab Cakes from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
2. Stuffed mushrooms from pretty much anywhere
3. Las Palmas or any other Mexican restaurant, ooh, and Baja Burrito
4. A traditional Cuban dinner- Roast Pork, Black Beans, Yucca, Ripe Plantains, Green Plantains, and Cuban Bread.
5. My Brother in Law- Shane's- Espresso Brownies, mmmm, or anything else he bakes.

4 places I would rather be
1. In the Caribbean with Travis
2. In the Florida Keys with Travis
3. In Hawaii with Travis
4. At Disney World with Travis and the girls

Four Bloggers I'm tagging
1. Angie
2. Joyce
3. Tracy

Ok, 3 Bloggers I'm tagging.


mary said...

totally with you on the crafting shows on HGTV...What's with that show "That's Clever"? It's really not that clever.

Amy said...

No, it really isn't. It seems to be mostly hippie types doing kindergarten type projects in their "studio". Exactly why do they have a studio? Apparently some people get into it though.

LaDonna said...

I'll take melted butter salt and pepper on mine!

I love learning silly little things about people that I probably would have never known otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

I like House Hunters! The people always end up with the house and in just 30 minutes! Hopefully I will get to respond soon!