Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, I'd like to say I have some grand reason for not posting recently but really I just haven't felt like writing. I think I kind of fell into a "worn out" slump from all of the recent events but I'm much better now.

We have finally decided on a church home and that church is- Sumner Life! I'm sure it's not a big surprise to anyone but it was a tough choice. Well, really, we just wanted to find where God wanted us and He didn't seem to be speaking much until the last couple of weeks. So, we didn't plant a church in AL but we'll be attending a church plant in TN, it's funny how things come full circle. We are really excited and everyone that is at the church is excited to be there as well. The energy that's there is refreshing. I think that everyone feels like they are there for a purpose and that God is going to use them to make this a great church and I'm excited to be part of that.

We had a fun Halloween. Chloe was a princess- thanks to a very fancy dress that Grandma bought her a couple of years ago. We weren't really sure what we were going to do for Halloween and then I remembered the dress. It was perfect for a princess and she loved it! We put on lots of hairspray and glitter, eyeshadow and blush and you could tell she loved it! She smiled the entire time I was putting makeup on her. We went to Cornerstone's Halloween carnival and she had a nice time. I don't know how many people were there but for the most part it was shoulder to shoulder people so I think we'll do something different next year. Cornerstone always puts on a top notch carnival but with little girls I think it will be better to do something a little more low key.

This past weekend was a rough one for Halle because she was sick-again. She ran a fever until Tuesday but is much better now.

I'm going to end now. Luke is here for the next 3 days and Jaren is out of town but they still need supervision. Happy November!!! I love November!


mary said...

The shoulder to shoulder thing is why I adamantly opposed going to Cornerstone for Halloween. I thought if the rest of the world is shoulder to shoulder I'll be belly to belly and that just didn't sound appealing. Glad you were able to dress up your princess and had a nice time. Hope to see you guys again soon.

Tisra said...

Glad for the update. About all I have had lately are your blog posts...we both are crazy busy and don't have much luxury for phone conversations, do we? :-( Seconding Mary's comment- hope to see you soon.

Forever Amber said...

I took Madison door to door this year for the first time ever because Cornerstone's event has just grown entirely too large to be enjoyable anymore. She had the best time doing traditional trick-or-treating. It was fun to watch her too. Not to mention the candy she received was better and more plentiful :)