Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Years...

I just realized a little while ago that today is the third anniversary of us closing on our house. It was Friday the 13th, 2006. I laughed when I found out what our closing date was and wasn't superstitious...but now...hmm. Things have definitely changed a lot and some things haven't changed at all. I don't think we even thought we'd still live here at this point. It is funny how time flies when you buy a house as opposed to renting. When we were renting we always felt under the gun because it seemed like our lease was always about to expire.

The girls have changed a lot since then. Chloe was 5 and halle hadn't turned two yet. Last night they were trying to wrestle and it made the house feel so very small. I wish they were still this little.

This is what the eat-in area in the kitchen looked like...man, that was a lot of scraping. Please remind me to never buy a house with wallpaper again.

And the kitchen...blech. The only thing that's really changed is the wall color, the floor and the island. I really thought I'd have the cabinets painted by now. I really, really don't feel like doing it. I even have all the hardware...but I still can't seem to make myself do it.

The floors...the wallpaper...the window...it's kind of hard to believe we bought it like this. We had no idea what we were in for.

And the bathroom. I would have put money on us having replaced everything by now. Ah, the naive first time home buyer. And so concludes our tour of our house three years ago. Even though it's been frustrating to live with all the repairs and remodeling, I'm still thankful that we live here instead of an apartment. And our life is much richer for other things, like being closer to our church and the people that are walking life out with us because we're here. So maybe I'll go bake some anniversary chocolate chip cookies. That'll be my excuse anyway.


Christy said...

Chocolate chip cookies? Where do I sign up?

Mary said...

Well, I'll never forget it now. For some reason you guys have dates that are easy for me to remember. Your birthday is close to our anniversary so I always remember, Trav's birthday is close to Kris' so I always remember, your anniversary is the same day as Aron's birthday, Amanda's birthday is the "perfect date" and close to my parents anniversary, Chloe's birthday is the same day as my ex-sister-in-law's (which technically shouldn't make it any easier to remember but it does) and Halle's birthday is the same day as my aunt and uncles anniversary which I always remember because I sang in their wedding and I was so sad that they were getting married (long story), and now...your house anniversary is the same as my mom's birthday and Landis' birthday...wow...I'll bet you didn't want to know any of that.

I think you've come a long way on your house. I know it's not as far as you would like, but the changes have been pretty dramatic and your house is much better for having had you living in it the last three years.