Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Stuff

In the midst of getting ready for our trip I've had some plant life happiness too. Like these eraser size little green tomatoes. It's so cool! I haven't ever grown any kind of thing to eat- other than the pumpkin last year but Chloe planted that at school. I'm positively twitterpated! My mom says I get it from my her mother- although my grandpa (dad's side) always grew stuff too. Maybe it was just that generation with their victory gardens. Travis and I have dreams of making salsa with them. Yellow salsa? They're supposed to be sweeter so I thought about mixing them with mangoes or peaches for a salsa- with the handy dandy magic bullet my parents bought Travis for Christmas.
And how about this sweet little sunflower? You might not be able to tell but this guy is only about two feet tall. I've seen seeds for varieties like this but haven't ever actually planted them. So my guess is that one of my birdie friends dropped a seed from somewhere else into my yard. This one has grown behind where we keep the trash can. It doesn't have any other small blooms though so this might be a one and done type flower. If it is that would be disappointing- that's why I always grow varieties with lots of blooms. But if you planted hundreds of seeds that would be spectacular.
And here's a pathetic little carrot. I knew that we were close to harvest time and I couldn't resist pulling one to see how they were doing. Boy was I disappointed. I'm not sure if they're too crowded or not getting enough water or what but this little guy is way small to have all that foliage on top, don't you think? We ate it anyway. It was kind of bitter but very carrot-y tasting. And somehow it made me feel all happy inside. I'm wondering if I should delay harvesting until we get back from FL. I'll have to do some researching today. I probably should have done that a couple of months ago. And now there is much to do. I've already done some big things but I'm making a list of everything that needs to go into our bags. I always try to do it from memory and I *always* forget stuff. Then we end up having to go shopping as soon as we reach our destination. It's very frustrating. And I have to wash and clean out the know the drill. So until later...


Christy said...

I always make lists for traveling, but I manage to forget lots of stuff anyway.
I heart your tiny green tomatoes - so cute :)

Mary said...

I hope you can make some yummy salsa with that. I have always thought it would be fun to make an entire garden with just salsa ingredients. Someday.

Love that purty sunflower.

Ms. Tee said...

Congratulations on your harvest! :) There is something so fulfilling to me about growing my own veggies!