Friday, June 12, 2009


I thought I'd follow up my previously melancholy post with something a bit more fun. I've been feeling a bit melancholy recently (might have something to do with my being stuck in the house) and I find that beachy pictures cheer me up.

Like this beautiful beach cottage bedroom. I love blue and green together. all pictures are from Coastal Living
Could you imagine having breakfast with this view? Scones and coffee and fresh fruit...mmmm... Or this one? I'm not sure I'd want coffee in this setting. I think I'd have to have something more tropical.
An outdoor claw foot tub...divine.
A peaceful reading spot would be nice too. And to go with my beachy theme I'll give you a recipe for fruit salad that I made on Memorial Day. I stole the idea from a Publix magazine but modified it because there was way to much sugar in it. I used honey for this but you could use blue agave nectar also.
2 mangoes
2-3 kiwi
1 fresh pineapple
10-15 fresh strawberries
1/4 cup honey
4 tbsp. key lime juice
poppy seeds for funsies
Slice everything up, mix the honey and lime juice and pour over the fruit. Sprinkle on some poppy seeds if you'd like. They add some fun and let people know that it's a fruit salad. The lime gives it a bit of a kick. I used Nellie and Joe's Key West lime juice- gasp! Not fresh? Yes. I didn't have any Key Limes around and I was going for easy-peasy. So call the culinary police if you must. Even picky Amanda liked this. Enjoy....


Mary said...

I love beachy cottages. I don't love beaches but I love those colors and the clean white walls. So fresh. Those pictures do sort of cheer a person don't they?

Christy said...

Oh my. When can I move in?
I think I clipped the very same recipe from Publix. And don't worry - I use not-fresh lime juice a lot too, even though limes are quite readily available here. I won't call the police.

Ms. Tee said...

So pretty! I love blue and green together, too. That tub is to die for. :)