Friday, August 15, 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

If you've read my blog anytime in the last two years you know that I have hated my turquoise bathtub. I mean, really what goes with turquoise. Or maybe it's seagreen or seafoam or whatever *but* what it isn't is neutral white. The last homeowners decided that they'd make it go with green and put in a marble-esque peel-n-stick type tile and green striped wallpaper. And it's not that I don't understand that. In my first rental house the bathroom was tiled in retro yellow and black. Well, I decided I'd make it go with navy blue. But it didn't and I changed to white and it looked much better. Do you see where I'm going with this? Well, my parents were here this week and mom and I shopped- and shopped and shopped. Which, btw, was absolutely fabulous since none of my Nashville friends like to shop. You see, I keep it all stored up and when my mom visits I get to use all that stored up shopping energy. And while we were shopping I happened to mention that someday I would replace my paint smeared current shower curtain with a super cool one I found at Target. And wouldn't you know it, mom sneaked back to the shower curtain isle after we checked out and got this little beauty for me.

Super-cute, huh? And the bird actually matches the tub! OK, truth be told I would use this in any house with any color bathtub but it works with this one when a lot of stuff doesn't. It has a nice cottage-y feel that I love. And we'll just pretend that when I took it out of the package I ironed it, K?

I have *much* more to post about because a *lot* of interesting things happened this week- which is why I couldn't post about it. I'm also considering doing a fun thing called "open house Tuesdays" since I don't know a single person that's not at least a bit of a gawker. And if I get to showcase my most favorite city on the planet then it's even better right? Franklin, I'm talking about Franklin. Didn't you know that it's my most favorite place? It would take a really big act of God for me to leave. I got some fun pictures from around town yesterday that I'll get to also. But now I'm off to clean and paint- not necessarily in that order.


Mary said...

That's so pretty and it matches!!! The funny thing is that aqua color is really in right now but not so much in bathtubs. :) Making it work for you is very cool and I for one, cheer in your general direction.

Tracy Mock said...

I love it! Its very Shabby Shick! Or however you spell it LOL!