Monday, July 21, 2008

Guess What I Did Sunday

Why, I went with Amanda to have her head shots taken, of course.
I'm not so crazy about the shots of her in yellow but this one is good.

I much prefer the ones of her with the blue background in long sleeves. Isn't she pretty?
The photographer declared her to be a natural and the easiest subject she'd had in a long time- with perfect teeth. It must be good genes because she's had no dental intervention.
So here's my movie star. The next step is to get an agent. Ooh, and while we were there one of the Miss TN contestants was there having some modeling shots done. She was really pretty but was declared to be a "blinker". That really has nothing to do with anything but it was interesting. It took about 2 1/2 hours total in which time I read some magazines and just hung out while Amanda was having her hair and makeup done- which she hated btw. The studio was cool and was on Cannery Row in Nashville if you're familiar with that area. It had original windows and exposed brick and felt very loft like. And after the shoot we went to Moe's for a late lunch. It was really nice because we hadn't done anything together in forever. All in all it was a pretty cool experience and I was glad I could be there for her.
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Tisra said...


WOW, Amanda- gorgeous!

We all knew she was pretty, but it is so sweet to see it captured on film like that!

Actually, my favorite is the yellow one. I think she looks super mature, and, well, I just like yellow! :-)

You're a STAR! Ms. Button!

Mary said...


Sounds like a really neat mother daughter day.

Anonymous said...

Okay, any time Tisra and Mary use 13 exclamation points collectively, you know they're impressed. :)

The "yellow" pictures are definitely my favorite, and I agree: Amanda looks beautiful.


Anonymous said...

We all know she is beautiful, but her inner beauty really comes through in her pictures. Yes, I'm a very proud grandmother. She will always be our star whether she is in movies or not.

Christy said...