Saturday, July 19, 2008

The First Day of Second Grade

Ah, school time again. No need to frantically check your calendars, Chloe is in a balanced calendar school this year. I mentioned in March or April that she'd been accepted to a new school and after much prayer (and maybe a bit of worrying) she started on Friday. Technically Thursday was the "first" day but it was merely an orientation/paper filling out day but was counted as an attendance day. I'm not sure why they do that but it's genius. We were there for 30 minutes but it counted as a whole day. Well, probably longer than that because we got there fairly early but since it's a new school and it's a *lot* bigger than her last school I wasn't taking any chances on us getting lost or being late. Did I mention that school starts at 7:40? I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but the Buttons aren't exactly morning people. It's not uncommon for the girls to stay up until midnight during the summer and sleep until 10am or after. And unfortunately I'm not disciplined enough to get us on a better schedule than that. Plus it's summer and we like to sleep in. I think this will be good for us though.

Anyway, the first day of school she was sooo excited. She made two friends the day before plus her new teacher gave her a hug as soon as she met her. It's a vast improvement over last year so far and I'm excited. I actually got teary eyed as she hugged her teacher. I felt very relieved and thankful since I spent so much time being unsure about changing schools and I really wanted her to do the academy at church. But on the way to school I felt like I should pray for her. It's not that I never do that but I don't do it often on the way to school. And about 9:30 I found out why. I got a call from the school nurse saying that Chloe was in her office with a tummy ache. She said there was no fever and that she'd asked Chloe if she was nervous to which Chloe replied, "I don't get nervous". And she told her that she had made friends, etc. I was unsure because Chloe hasn't been to the school nurse for anything more than a bandaid but told her to send her back to class and see if she felt better after lunch. But I got a call again at 11:30 and decided to pick her up. And later that evening she started throwing up and did a couple times through the night and several times this morning. Bummer. She was pretty disappointed because she missed school- which she's totally excited about- and she missed shoe shopping. She actually tried to convince me that she was OK for that. So that's where we're at this morning. It means that she can't go to church tomorrow but should be OK for school on Monday. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some shoe shopping in before then.


Mary said...

Aw. Poor girl. Owen had a very short lived tummy thing yesterday morning but insisted he was well enough to go to church even though he "spilled the graham crackers" before breakfast. We let him go and he's fine now. Hopefully Chloe will be up and well very quickly.

How incredible for Chloe to be greeted with a hug. Just what she needs.

Amy said...

Well, unfortunately it was 24 hours of "spilling graham crackers" and other stuff. She missed school this morning too and she's white as a sheet with dark circles under her eyes. I feel bad for her. She should be back tomorrow though.