Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stuff to Think About

Not incredibly difficult stuff to think about mind you but mostly fun stuff. I've been meaning to blog for a while about different blogs and things that I'm reading. And while I do enjoy thinking about the deeper things in life, my recent soul searching, reading, and (seeming) constant studying for my FIC class and for my Friday book study with the girls from my Life Group leaves me wishing for times to put my brain in neutral. And since Travis is gone to church to be at the live recording for a worship album and I'm here with sickly little Chloe, I have a few minutes.

I just found the super coolest apron website ever via the Hostess With the Mostess blog. I think I want most of them. The pink and brown polka dots are *super* cute and they have matching kiddie ones. Chloe would be over the moon for that. Of course my crafty friends could probably whip one up pretty easily but even if I do posess the talent for that I seriously doubt that I would do something like that. *But* when it comes to spending that much for an apron I do often think I could make one. The hostess blog also has a recipe for super-easy yet very yummy looking Rolo turtle pretzles- don't be surprised if some of you see these at a get together. It seems like the perfect combo of salty and crunchy and sweet, yum!

And speaking of yummy, you have to check out Bakerella. I'm most interested in her cakesicles and chocolate cupcake lollipops. But you really should check out her whole blog because she really has some interesting ideas. From what I can tell she mostly uses packaged cake mixes so everything is super simple but looks amazing. This at shows a 40 second tutorial of how to make a fondant rose but I like the look of Bakerella's better.

Hooked on Houses has lots of cute stuff about different houses that she photographs or different house ideas. Cute stuff, strange stuff, stuff-stuff; but it's an entertaining way to put the 'ol thinker in neutral.

One day I'll be able to entertain...sigh.


hookedonhouses said...

Well, aren't you sweet to give such a nice shout-out about my blog? Thanks, Amy!

I like your site, too--love the name. I've Bookmarked it and will be back! -Julia :-)

(aka "Hooked on Houses")

Mary said...

I spend way too much time thinking about this stuff. Love it...thanks for the links. Is there a fantasy decorating competition like fantasy football? I really like the cupcake lollipops. Sooooo cute!

Christy said...

Thanks for the fun linky-loos! And I am also quite taken with those cupcake lollipops!