Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Sneaky Chef

I was watching the Today show yesterday morning and they had a segment on a lady that had written a book called The Sneaky Chef. I was totally intrigued and excited at the prospect of being able to make brownies that included spinach and blueberries in the mix. I have a terrible time getting Chloe to eat anything. Even the stuff she says that she likes she fights against eating. Dinner time is getting so frustrating. If we tell her she can't eat anything except her dinner she just won't eat until lunch at school the next day. It-is-so-frustrating. Now, I'm not saying that I'll only make mac-n-cheese and pizza, even if it is healthy. Chloe needs to learn to eat whole foods- but I don't like to eat all of the vegetables I'm supposed to eat either. I know I should eat more sweet potatoes but I don't like them all that much- ditto for carrots. But if I could put them into spaghetti sauce, then I'm getting more vegetables as well. I think that this will definitely be my next purchase.


mary said...

My mom was a sneaky chef, she would put celery or other veggies in the blender and then add them to chili or meatloaf. A lot of the vegetables were "yucky" to me because of the texture so this worked well at our house. I've done the same thing but I'll bet this book has a lot of tricks for hiding the taste well with spices and what not. Let me know how it goes.

Tisra said...

You know my kids- they'll eat practically anything. BUT, who couldn't use a few tricks up their sleeve? Very cool.

Tracy said...

I get have to get sneaky with Gavin..... Smoothies are a great way to give them fruits and veggies mixed together. Whip it up in a blender and stick it it a cup with a straw and Whoala..... milk shake! Also if you give her vitamins ever day that always worked with my kids and made them hungry. (especially on my skinny Emily)