Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Oh, oooohhhh my eaw huwts, help meeee!" That is the pitiful little cry I heard from the back seat this morning after Halle and I dropped Chloe off for school. She's been sick since Saturday and I've not taken her to the Dr. because she just got off antibiotics and I wanted to wait it out. And now since I know that she has an ear infection I'm more determined to wait it out. Last summer I got some ear drops from the health food store for Chloe and put those in her ear 4 times a day and made sure to give her some Ibuprofen every 6 hours for the pain and she was over it in two days. Halle is watching "de-de-Dowa" (that's how she asks for Dora) right now and has had ear drops and Ibuprofen and seems to be content-yay.

I am REALLY feeling better today. I feel better than I have in close to a month so there are tons of things I want to get done and none of them include watching TV. It's been very frustrating to be sick so often but I know that God is bringing healing and restoration to our house and even though it hasn't manifested itself yet I know it's happening. So, I'd like to vacuum and wash the van. It's so big that I usually take it through the car wash but since the weather is warmer I think it could use a good hand washing. I'd like to work on Chloe's fan blades some more, the problem is that it's not something that I can rush if I run out of time and I hate having to stop painting if I'm on a roll. I think if I was able to have my paints out all the time I would just always be painting. It's like blogging though- if I don't do it regularly I lose inspiration and am not willing to just paint anything.

Amanda really liked the fan blade I did for the girls and I'm thinking of painting something for her birthday. I just don't know if I have the ability to paint what's in my head. I'd like to do and abstract of her- black hair/wild eyeshadow. I haven't begun to tackle faces yet and while it wouldn't look like a photograph of her (abstract you know) I would like for it to not look like a blob. My other idea is crazy simple and would match her bedroom- so I'll fool around with both things and see what I can come up with. There is also tons of cleaning that needs to be done- since I've only done what we absolutely needed to survive lately. I don't want my parents to think they're in a dump. And I need to try to tack down the 15 or so tiles that are popping up on the floor. Bargain tiles aren't always a bargain. Sooo, I'm afraid I shall have to make a list. I don't like living by lists because I don't like to be told what to do- even by myself- so pathetic and I really need to get over that. But I watched a show the other night about a lady that had a set of twins and then had a set of sextuplets! So she has 8 small children to take care of. Now if that was me our house would be in utter chaos. But she had lists and schedules and was so organized. It was truly amazing. I think that I will have to take baby steps toward something like that though.

So for today I will make a list of the most important things that I feel like I can get done today. As it is right now I look at everything that needs to be done and I start doing it all at once. I don't finish one thing before I start in on another thing that catches my eye and forget about the first thing, then I remember the first thing while in the middle of the second or third thing, and the kids are yelling and getting into things and I feel the stress right in the middle of my chest. I actually feel more stressed at times here than I did at my last job. I don't think that's healthy or necessary so I'm going to have to change- change is hard.

I'd also like to get a Pilates session in today because my muscles feel very stiff and it's relaxing. A walk would be nice too....I should get to that list.


Tisra said...

I think it is struggle to stay organized, but it DOES make life easier and more enjoyable. And, I'd have to say that it helps the kids- they like structure.

Flexibility is important, too, though. Because, if you can't check off all the "to dos" without stressing, or you beat yourself up over not getting everything done- well, that's not good either.

I'm thrilled you're feeling better! Now stay that way! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is from Mary (I'm having no luck with the password thing so I'm leaving this as anonymous) - I live well by lists but I know exactly what you mean about being told what to do, even by yourself. There are days, and they can be productive day, that I just do what is in front of me. I find a little structure in it by almost making it a game. As soon as I get to one corner I work on that corner and then I go to the next thing I see. I do try to finish each task before taking on the next. I think that system helps me to get some of the less urgent but equally important projects done. If I go by a list I prioritize and some things never make it to the top of the list. They just sit there annoying me while I go down my list.

Tracy Mock said...

Hey! I'm glad you guys are on the mends! I hate lists too so I went a couple years ago to the office supply store and purchased a simple day planner that has by the hours and a section that I can write daily tasks. It works great and I swear by it! It keeps me and everyone else in my house organized. If the kids bring home something with dates attached to it they know to clip it to the planner..... (even Kris does this too LOL) oh and I also have trouble with the whole password thingy too that is why I am always anonymous too. Tell your folks hi for me! Give Amanda a big Happy Birthday hug from me too. Love you and appreciate your prayers for Gavin the past few weeks. 3 weeks with NO more issues! I believe God healed him emotionally and I want to take him off all meds but need to consult with the docs first. Love ya! Tracy