Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Father's Day

OK, so I know it's not Father's Day but I should document our fun filled, busy weekend. Of course, I should add that Travis was on call this weekend and it was a really, really busy weekend for that. But he got pages mostly at night so he was working all day Thursday and Friday and then all night so Friday and Saturday he really wanted/needed to sleep so we didn't see him a whole lot on those days. But we still had a great weekend and did spend time together when there wasn't sleeping going on.

So yeah, I know this isn't a picture of one of my kids but it's so darn cute! I was trying to get some candid shots- which is difficult once the kids realize you're taking pictures- and he looked at me and got embarrased/confused/temporarily drunk, I'm not sure but it was cute anyway.

So we rented Cornerstone's playground along with the Kelsos and another couple for Father's Day. When Mary first asked if we'd like to do it I wasn't sure if it was something Travis would like but I was wrong. He was so excited about it, even with his lack of sleep. So, we went and played and Travis had a great time and so did the girls. Oh, and I should mention one girl in particular- our little 18 month old daredevil went down the 3 story slide all by herself! What!?! We let her go down the slide by herself? Of course we didn't LET her go by herself she just got away from Travis and slid down head first by herself. So the story goes like this. If you've ever been in the 3 story play area at Cornerstone you know that adults and kids think it's amazing but it is somewhat intimidating for some younger kids. Inside the play area there are several obstacles on each level leading to a 2 story slide and a 3 story slide. Well, if you're a big person helping a very small (Halle) person you either have to go over the obstacle first and then pull her over or put her over the obstacle first and then you go over. Travis chose the latter approach (as I have done also) and had gotten her over all of the obstacles and put her in the entrance of the slide. The entrance is a little area that you sit in to prepare to go down. Well as he was trying to get over the last obstacle she headed toward the slide and Travis told her to stop but in typical Halle fashion, she went down head first. Then Travis said laughing (seriously laughing- I could have killed him) with Kris laughing too, Amy, Halle just went down the slide by herself. I was half way up to the slide and couldn't get to her easily and of course my reaction was "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HALLE WENT DOWN THE SLIDE BY HERSELF- I CAN'T GET TO HER!!!" . OK, I didn't really yell like that but I wanted to. I was trying to use restraint since we weren't the only ones there. So, I tried to get down quickly waiting to hear Halle screaming but all I heard was a little midget voice say "whee". Whee!?! I'm about to have a heart attack and she says *WHEE*! Well, it's Halle, what else would she say?

So, Sunday was spent going to church, my making burritos, chocolate pudding, and flan. OK, you can't really call it flan because it came in a package and it wasn't very good. It wasn't my error this time it just didn't taste good. Really, can you expect to get a dessert like that out of a package? I found a recipe for it and it looks good but the difficulty level is expert. I am by no means an expert baker but it doesn't look all that difficult maybe it's the carmelization process, I don't know but I think I'll try it once.

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent resting and we played our first game as a family! Chloe has been begging us to play Monopoly Jr. with her and I didn't think she was really ready for it but we played anyway and I was definitely wrong. She rolled the die, moved her car the exact number of spaces and when she had to pay for landing on a space she'd say "two dollard coming right up". She was so sweet. The only time she tried to "cheat" was when she wanted to roll a one so she could land on "see the fireworks pay $2". She just barely dropped the die on the board so it would be on one but we made her roll anyway. She didn't get a one and didn't land on the fireworks show and she cried- a lot. But on her next turn she landed on "see the dolphins pay $2" and she was very happy. I think your first family game is definitely a milestone. And everyone on Trav's side of the family will be very proud- they all LOVE games. Overall, it was a great family weekend. Posted by Picasa


mary said...

We had a great time Saturday too. Maybe we can all do it again sometime. I've told several people about Halle's "whee!". I don't think I knew there was a Monopoly Jr. Kris will be excited about that. Of course he probably already knows about it. Mmmm. I just had another smoothie too. :)

travis said...

I'm really not a terrible parent-- Halle's just very quick and very determined. Anyway, the "whee" made my day.
The flan wasn't bad. I still don't see how they can call it flan with no eggs in it, but my Cuban side definitely appreciates Amy making it.
Yeah, Monopoly Jr. was really fun. I've never seen someone (Chloe) so happy to pay people for landing on their property. Clearly, she was having a great time. All in all, Father's Day was a great day. Thanks, Family.

Tisra said...

I somewhat regret not having come up to Cornerstone. Eric wasn't around and we had a hard time getting out of the house once Lael poured a whole bottle of olive oil in our carpet that morning. Seriously. Three hour diversion. I had to laugh (sorry) about Chloe crying oer the game. Girl. Gilr. Girl. What am I in for?!

Amy said...

Olive oil in the carpet!?! I'm so sorry:( I can't even imagine trying to clean that out of carpet.

Yeah, girls cry about a lot of stuff. You don't really get used to it, you just find creative ways to get them to stop crying.

Joyce said...

I'm laughing.....now it's my kids' turn to go through stuff...but it's so precious and fun and and goes so quick---whaa!

Angie said...

Yeah for board games! Sounds like she caught on really quick. Very nice looking flan. You get an A+ for presentation!