Friday, June 16, 2006

Did you know that you could mess up Jello Jigglers?

Well, if you didn't know before now you do. I was at the grocery store the other night and stumbled upon the Jello section. I thought, hmmm, easy cheap dessert that Chloe will love helping me make...ooh, and I could make Jigglers. So Chloe picked out grape (of all flavors my least favorite) and I told her we'd make Jello Jigglers. Extreme excitement ensued, never mind that she had no idea what Jello Jigglers were. So we went to the store and bought a new pan since I didn't have the right size and made a big to do about the "event". Seriously, everything is an event at my house. Anyway, we made the Jello, put it in the pan and waited the required 3 hours for them to be done. When the time was up (after Chloe asked about 58 times if they were done yet and my threatening to not let her cut any) we brought out the pan, the camera, the Florida cookie cutters and Amanda decided to join the fun- really my 16 year old was excited. AND- they were a mushy mess- actually they were just Jello like. I couldn't figure out what went wrong because I had thrown the boxes away and wasn't going to dig through the trash. Needless to say I had disapointed BOTH girls and felt like a huge creep. Then I remembered that I had a bigger box of Lime Jello in the pantry and looked over the directions, which I might add are a bit confusing- at least to me. But apparently I had mixed HALF as much Jello with TWICE as much water as I needed. So, um, yeah I'm a dork. But I'm making up for it today by making Sugar Cookies and we'll finally be using our Florida cookie cutters (we bought them at Christmas time in Lakeland).
So on the creative front: I did the Sun painting yesterday (watercolor on paper). It's my rendition of Sun pictures I used to see in FL. I definitely like it but there are lots of things I would change. First of all, I would like for the Blue to be much darker to make the Sun really pop but it's not possible with watercolor- at least I don't think so- I would rather it was in acrylic (which I've never used but I know I'll love them) and I would use a much larger, square canvas.
The other picture is my attempt at an Illustrated Friday topic, underwater life that I've started but am stuck and can't seem to finish it. I've spent a lot of time snorkeling and finding all kind of cool stuff in the ocean but I'm afraid to paint anyting else for fear of messing it up. I think I'll need for the girls to be gone and for the entire house to be quiet in order to be able to finish it. I've seen watercolor that people draw things in first and then paint them (I'm not talking about what Tisra does- that is completely different and very cool and I think she should sell prints of that piece) but I don't like the pencil lines in my artwork. That's just another reason I don't want watercolor to be my primary medium; I've quit saying I don't like it.

So, that pretty much sums it up. Have a great weekend. Posted by Picasa


mary said...

I really like the sun picture. I have to admit I thought it was a flower at first but I really like it regardless.

Sorry about the Jell-o...I think I've done the same thing...I know I've messed it up before, but can't remember exactly what I did.

Amy said...

Yes, it is a bit more "flowery" than a lot of suns that I've seen.

Tisra said...

I'm thrilled for you. Yes, you will probably like acrylic better, but 'using what you have' is a good push sometimes to make you learn something valuable. I haven't done Illustration Friday in a few weeks- maybe this week.

Mom said...

I really like the paintings. I thought the sun painting was a flower too. With the colors it would look great in the girls room. Jello was never my favorite thing to do either. Beautiful picture of Chloe. And if you need time to paint (a week or two) I can come and get the girls.