Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Halle's First Finger Food

Well, today was the first time I gave Halle "finger food". I went to the mall with the girls because the power went out and it was way too hot to stay home. So we went to the food court and after we got our food Halle started fussing. Usually I just pick her up and eat with her in my lap but in the past couple of weeks that has become increasingly difficult. She has started squirming and reaching and will pull anything within reach of her little fingers off the table and into your lap. She will also (it's really cute) try to pry my lips apart after I've taken a bite, presumably to get to the food inside (well, that's kinda gross). Eating a salad is really a two hand job anyway and I was helping Chloe with her food so I decided to give her half of a cracker (since Chick-fil-a was kind enough to give me 10 packs). She handled it quite well and seemed very happy to have it. After that she took a sip of tea through my straw. I know, I know, bad Mom. Anyway, she has successfully dethroned Amanda as the earliest "straw drinker". I think Amanda was doing that at about 11 months.

Her top left tooth broke through about the middle of last week and the right one should happen any day now. She has started shaking her head "no" and said "bye-bye" more like "ba-ba" imitating my parents. OK, OK, enough about the milestones, but cut me some slack this is my last baby.

Chloe seems to really have an artistic bent and loves all things crafty, artsy, and musical. She's Travis and I on speed. It's really exciting to see her grow. Several nights during the week her bedtime story consists of going through a photo album that Grandma made her. It's an ABC and 1, 2, 3 book so she'll go through and spell things and count at the end of the book. She really likes to count in Spanish to 10. Thanks Joyce!

Amanda is going to be homeschooled again. We tried everything we could think of to get her into school and it just couldn't happen. I say couldn't because there was no way to make it happen. It's weird but around here instead of having just county school districts some cities have their own districts. Bessemer is one of those cities and so is Hoover. The Bessemer High School (that we're zoned for) has done so poorly on tests that under the "No Child Left Behind Act" they are required to let their students transfer. Well, Hoover High School was the only one that we felt was acceptable for her to go to but again, it's in a school district unto itself. You have to live in Hoover to go to a Hoover school. Same thing with Shelby county and there were just no other options. So, at least for now she'll be doing the home school thing.

Wow, that's all I have to write about. Oh wait! Pita chips. I forgot, making Pita chips is my new hobby. Hmmm, still boring. Oh well, I'll try to do something incredibly exciting and post about that.


Tisra said...

I love reading about the milestones! Straw drinking at this age is amazing in my book- it took Grant forever to get that one down.

Homeschooling in high school scares me a bit because of all the math and science getting so involved (although, who knows, maybe I'll end up in the same boat years from now). But I gather there are kits and other helpful tools. And what it comes down to most is safety ans spiritual growth for your child. Which I obviously understand because I am doing the same thing.

Pita chips isn't boring. How do you make them?

mary said...

Wow what a little stinker that Halle is. I mean that in a very endearing way. Drinking through straws and foraging for food...that's impressive stuff. I do like hearing about it too. Please don't think you're overdoing it by posting the things your girls are doing. Chloe is on the fast track too...what a little brain she is...can't you just see her in the future in her white lab coat and ever present curls...Dr. Button will see you now. Tell Amanda we are sorry that she couldn't get into the school she wanted...I know that meant a lot to her. I just hope and pray that something will change on that front for her sake. I'm sure it's no picnic for you either but not quite the social trauma that it is for her. What are pita chips? I mean I sort of think I know but not sure exactly.

LaDonna said...

Good job with the straw thing! How is that being a bad mama?

I feel the same way Tisra does about the High School, Home Schooling thing. Wow! What a huge undertaking. Will she have any classes outside of home, or are you doing everything?

I am also very intrigued by these Pita chips. Can you post the recipe?

Amy said...

I truly believe that homeschooling is going to be a temporary affair and we're going to hit the core subjects really hard.

Ladonna, it wasn't drinking through the straw that made it bad, it was that I was letting her drink sweet tea. Oh well, I guess it's better than the coke Amanda drank through a straw for the first time.

Christina said...

I, too, enjoy reading about the girls - especially since it's so hard to catch up by phone these days! I think the only ones who ever think, "Alright already, I've heard enough about the kids!" are those who don't have any... We, your friends who love you, have little'uns, too, and we appreciate all to well each and every new thing, as new things come daily... And since our kids are growing up too fast, too, we love to bathe in the thought of just how cute they are when they are small.

I love pita chips, as well. They're great with spinach dip. Thanks for including the recipe in your blog!

Hugs and love to you and yours!


p.s. Yes! Shame, shame on you for giving her sweet tea! (I won't tell you that Jaren regularly talks us into a sip of daddy's Coke...)