Sunday, July 17, 2005

blahdy, blah, blah

Hmmm...what's new? I'm sure lots but I'm not sure how interesting it will be.

Halle says "ma, ma, ma" quite a lot, she's been doing that for a few weeks now. Today she sat in the shopping cart at Publix without her carrier for the first time. I strapped her in, of course, to help her with her balance. She wasn't as excited as I thought she would be. Her reaction was more, yeah, so? Anyway, she is still scooting herself into all kinds of precarious positions on her back and her tummy now, but no crawling yet.

We had dinner with Amanda and her prospective beau last weekend. His name is Clark and he seems to be very nice. He said that Amanda and I are just alike. He's a perceptive boy, no? Actually, Travis and I have more in common with him than Amanda does. He's planning on being in Jazz band and is very into music. We approve so far and that makes Amanda happy.

Speaking of Amanda, she has less than 2 weeks left of being grounded and she's very happy.

Travis is still looking for another job. Blah, blah, blah...

I am taking care of kids, leading worship on Tuesday nights, working on Arbonne...Overall, busy but not feeling overwhelmingly productive.

I'm going to finish up the books that I checked out of the Library and then find How to Win Friends and Influence People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. My Arbonne quest has led me to the conclusion that I'm not a "highly effective" person. I'm going to work on that. I've never read the book but I'm going to guess that "highly effective" people probably plan their days, set goals, and have routines. Hmmm, no wonder I'm lacking.

Well, every Arbonne representative that I've talked to so far has said that even more than a financial journey Arbonne is a personal journey.

I've got my hiking boots on and I think I'm ready to change.


mary said...

You go girl! How's that for an old and somewhat worn out, but well meant cheer of encouragement. I commend you for the effort of pulling those boot straps up and pray you do not lose your enthusiasm for the path ahead.

Amy said...

Well, thanks for the encouragement. I think finding the actual path would be a good start. Meaning- I'm not really sure how to go about it. I think this is going to be a fairly long journey but I'm pretty sure I'm up for it.

Tisra said...

I'm not sure where I fit into the whole "highly effective" scheme of things. I *can* be very organized and effective- but I have to make it happen. It is a decision, not something by nature. One of the biggest helps for me, has been planning my day- not just letting it happen. Get up at a set time and meet with God then write out a "To Do" list for the day. I usually write "Bible" at the top and check it off (even thought the list was written after the task was already completed). Seeing God at the top is a good reminder for how the day should flow. Things that don't get done are carried over to the next day's list. Crossing things off is an incentive. I have been know to (like the Bible ting) write down, then immediately cross off things that I did that day that weren't on the list at the start. It helps me feel productive. Sometimes I have to just trick myself. Silly games, really. But they work for me.