Monday, November 10, 2008


I realize that Christy's last post was titled focus but this is a different kind of focus. I'm still sick this has been 3 weeks of the sickest I've been in recent memory. I know I get sick a lot but I had a good run of at least 6 sick free weeks this summer. I'm really over it. Or I want to be over it. The leaves are falling off the trees at an alarming rate and I'm missing it. I just want to walk downtown and get some great pictures of autumn before it's gone and we have 4 long months of no leaves on anything. I also want to make caramel covered apples with the girls. And finish up Kyleigh's presents so I can send them to her (painting is done- I'm the worst sewer on the planet, so blocks aren't done).

My birthday is Wednesday and my husband took the day off and wants to go to the zoo and I want to be able to walk around the zoo without passing out. So I'm focusing. I've been praying and God has been most insistent that I take an opportunity to rest. The last time he was this insistent about something we moved from Birmingham to Nashville in the span of a week- actually it might have been more like two days. Travis got a job and the girls and I left a couple of days later. Anyway, I don't want to have a heart attack or anything so I'm clearing my plate. I'm going to take care of my husband, our daughters and do choir and life group- and that's it. I'm not going to embroider stockings for the two new cats, or my husband or two daughters that I haven't made stockings for. Last year, it was because Halle and Sophie (cat) didn't have stockings and I was trying to save money. Everybody else has a stocking and even though they don't match and I don't like them anymore, they're staying. I'm not crafting any type of present thing for anybody this year. Last year, I worked up until about Dec. 20th trying to get everyone's present done. I didn't spend much time with the girls and missed a big chunk of Chloe's break. We didn't bake cookies until scarily close to Christmas and I didn't finish the presents and ended up buying something anyway.

I am going to (as soon as I'm not sick anymore) take Halle to the park. And we'll walk downtown and look at trees and shops and pick up a hot chocolate from Starbucks. I'm going to ask for help when I need it and quit trying to be super mom. I'm going to quit stressing about every tiny little detail of my life and stop worrying that if I screw up one little thing that God's plan for my life is completely ruined (that's actually a really, really big one. That says something about trust, doesn't it?). I'm going to enjoy this amazing season and not worry about what's around the corner. And I'm going to make this drink. We had a life group get together with our new life group this past Saturday and the hostess made this tea. She served it warm instead of iced and it was amazing. The girls and I will make cookies and I'm going to chill. And that's it.


Mary said...

I thought surely you were well by now. I'm so sorry you're still sick. It's amazing how life can just ram you in the chest sometimes. Keep resting and I will pray specifically that Wednesday will be a refreshing day for you.

I was thinking about our gift exchange and all the homemade items and buying and finances and how taxing it all becomes. It's fun, but only after it's very stressful. I think that we should come up with something more simple.

Amy said...

I was thinking maybe doing gourmet caramel covered apples or something simple and foodie like that.

Christy said...

Christmas stockings were something I took off my list for this year too. My list is getting smaller and smaller.....but what gets me is that the handmade and home-centered holiday is waaaayyy more complicated and stressful than just buyin' stuff!

Amy said...

I think that part of it is the creative side of us knows that we *can* do all of that stuff and that it's more meaningful to make stuff for people. It's really hard to let some of that go but I don't want my kids only memories of me during the holidays is my working like crazy while their stuck in front of the TV.

Ms. Tee said...

Sorry you are still sick - I hope you feel better soon. :) It's good to slow down & not to try to do too much during the Christmas season - good for you. :)

Angie said...

Amy~ I hope you have a nice and relaxing birthday!!! Don't stress over the small stuff~ I am talking to myself as well! Heres to keeping Christmas as simple as possible this year.

Have FUN:)Happy Birthday!!!