Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a Few More Vacay Pics

If you look *really* close you can see the dolphin fins. Maybe squint a little...

Chloe, Halle and Landon in the "hot bathtub" overlooking the lake at Uncle Dan and Aunt Vicky's. Funny story- as we were leaving that night I asked Halle if she had to go potty and she said "no, I went in the hot baftub". I just dropped it and hoped that nobody heard her say it.
The "party patio" at the same place, oh, and um, Amanda too. There were no less than 50 people there that day. I aspire to someday have a place like that to have a party.
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Mary said...

Too cute. Remind me not to get into a hot tub with Halle.

That patio looks incredible. I long for a good outdoor space.

Christy said...

Lovin' the patio. I have plans for something of that nature too...one day.....but it'll be a little more porch-y and cottage-y.