Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy, Busy Week

The week started out with Travis, Amanda, and I attending an awards banquet for the top 10 students in each high school in our county. At least it was supposed to be the top 10; some schools had the top 12 or 15 but Amanda's little school had the top 3. We had a nice dinner and were fortunate enough to be at the table that was released to go to the buffet quickly. Some poor people that sat in the middle of the room hadn't even gotten their food by the time we were done with dessert. I guess you can't complain about free food but it seems like there should be a better way of doing things. Then after dinner was the announcements of all the top students, their awards and accomplishments. And not to be cynical or anything but *yikes* was that boring. All of these kids had the same GPA, were in the same clubs, they all helped little old ladies across the street, found the cure for cancer and solved world hunger. OK, I made that last one up. I do think it's great that they recognize the kids and I got teary eyed at one point thinking of Amanda and everything that we've been through, the things she's accomplished and the doors that God has opened for her. I'm just really proud of her. Ooh, and if you think of it say a prayer for her on Monday because she has a job interview at our hair salon for a receptionist position. I'd love it if she gets that job- and so would she.

Thursday I chaperoned a field trip for Chloe's class to the zoo. I learned several years ago chaperoning Trav's class (when he was a middle school teacher) to Busch Gardens that a chaperone isn't there to have fun. You're there to make sure that *they* have fun. And stay in line, and get to the bathroom, and don't get lost, and get their lunch...etc. *But* it meant so much to Chloe having me there. If she squeezed my hand and looked up adoringly at me once, she did it a thousand times. She only let go of my hand once the whole time we were there and I think it's just because she forgot. I did have a great time being with her and I met some other moms from her class and one wants to get together for coffee sometime. It was a great day.

Today was a great day too. Halle woke up with a pretty high fever yesterday morning so I couldn't take her to church today. She seemed fine though and after Travis and Chloe got home we had a quick lunch and then headed out to the park to fly the girls kites. Chloe did a great job and ran like crazy to get her kite up in the air. Halle ran too but refused any manner of help repeatedly and with huge temper tantrums so she had what Travis referred to as a "ground kite". She finally gave up and decided to play on the playground and then we played on the big rocks (at Jim Warren park). The weather was perfect at just around 70 degrees. It would have been helpful if there had been more wind but we still had a great time.

I love being able to hang out with my family on the weekends and am so thankful that Travis isn't working at HD anymore. *And* if Amanda gets the new job she'll have Sundays off...yes, we're really praying. And I'm looking forward to this new week and everything that God is going to do.

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Tisra said...

Fabulous stuff going on with you Buttons. I AM SO SORRY ABOUT HALLE! I fear that even though I tried to stay away from her when I watched her, that she got the yucky junk. :-(

I'm terribly proud of Amanda.

Chloe is a sweetie and I can JUST picture how she adored you, and was thrilled to have you on the field trip. SO SWEET.

And, what a wonderful family day out there- gorgeous weather. Glad you could enjoy it at the park!

Amy said...

Well, I don't know that Halle had what you had. She did "toss her cookies" once on Friday night and woke up Saturday with a 101 degree fever and she's so *very* cranky but after she "t.h.c" she was running around the room laughing and jumping. Weird. Besides there's nothing we could have done about it so please don't feel bad.

Mary said...

What good stuff!!!

Amanda is amazing...we'll have to start calling her Amazda or something. I'll be praying for her interview today.

I remember my mom going on field trips with me...It's so fun to watch other kids enjoying your mom.

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing all the great photos! I love doing the field trip thing, too. I never visit too much with the other moms because I'm too busy excitedly learning about monkeys or horses or something. But it's so great to be able to be with your kids - they are so proud to share their mom with their friends.