Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sophie's Stocking

I've been intending to blog about Thanksgiving since, um, last Monday but a wonderful bug of some sort has descended on the Button house and has decided to stay for a while. But while I'm laid up (probably a sinus infection) I decided to work on a new stocking for Sophie (our cat in case you didn't know) and Halle. It's made from a fleece type material that I had lying around and I embroidered (well I used embroidery floss, I'm not sure that this counts as embroidery) the design. Being the genius that I am I sewed the whole thing up first and then figured out that it would be impossible to sew the design so I had to take it apart. I figure that I'll be able to finish it tomorrow and then start on Halle's. Actually, I'm past the "this is fun" part and am now to the "gaaa, I wish I was done with this" part but I'm pretty happy with the way it looks so far.
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Mary said...

Obviously I don't know what technique you used, but from what it looks like, it's totally embroidering. It looks like the simplest "running stitch" which is just to work left to right bringing the needle up and down to create a line. Your pattern is cute and clever, I like the colors and love the little snowflakes. Your stitches look nice and even and it looks perfectly adorable. Can't wait to see Halle's. The funny thing is I was just thinking about a gift for Chloe this week and thought about personalizing something for her with embroidery.

Amy said...

Awww, thanks! It is just a simple stitch but it worked.

I love that idea for Chloe. We've been in the handmade discussion for a while and I love the idea of Chloe having a handmade item from a dear friend. I don't know what you have in mind but something "surfer girl" or Hawiian would be something she would totally love. And I would love it that she wouldn't have another toy to junk up her room.

Tisra said...

I saw it in person- so I an say that this is SOOOO cute. Amy, the color choices are great and it could pass as any custom boutique stocking! Great job on your first embroidery project. I can't wait to see Halle's. Also, I forgot to ask you if you used a hoop. That makes a project go much faster because your fabric stays taught and flat and you can concentrate on just stiching- they're about a buck at Hobby Lobby for a wooden one. Or you can borrow mine.

Amy said...


I did use a hoop because of everything you mentioned. I actually had a "Martha Stewart" phase when I was in college and did some cross stitch. I never actually finished it but I did remember the value of a hoop this time around.

Christy said...

Super-cute! I don't know the first thing about embroidery, but I really think it looks great.