Saturday, December 08, 2007

Of Stockings and Such

Sophie's stocking is finally finished. Actually I finished it a couple of days ago and started Halle's stocking. I made Halle's bigger because I felt that Sophie's was pretty elaborate and my daughter must have something bigger and better than my cat. My dilemma is this- since looking at the picture I think that the cat's tail needs something. Possibly the dots or small stars. The original thinking was that doing the tail too would make it too *busy*. But now I just think it looks unfinished. Which is sad because I've since sewn the whole thing up- by hand. Yes, my cat has a completely hand sewn, hand embroidered stocking- funny.

So on to Halle's stocking. My original thought was to do something simple, elegant, and icy feeling. I love the combination of blues and plus my Christmas tree is in shades of blue. But now that I'm partially done it just feels sort of bland- especially when compared to Sophie's stocking. And my Christmas tree might not stay blue and silver forever. Every year since I moved out of my
parents house (9 years) my tree has been various shades of blue and I still like it but I'm starting to get tired of it. So do I really want Halle's stocking to just be blue and maybe silver? I'm not sure. I could just embroider smaller colorful snowflakes around the large one, which I was planning on doing anyway only in shades of blue and silver. But I'm not sure that it will have the same impact as starting with pink floss to begin with. It definitely won't be as bright and cheerful. I guess I'll figure it out and keep you posted.

And I don't think I ever posted pictures of my completed kitchen island project. I just took the panes of glass out of the drawer fronts, cut some fabric to fit, sprayed it with spray starch and put them back in. There were pieces of wood designed to keep beans and things in the drawer fronts (remember when that was in style?) but I left the wood out and it gives me and extra inch or so of drawer space. I'm sure that doesn't sound like a lot but the drawers don't open very far and they're really impractical for storing things so the extra space really does help.


Tisra said...

Drawers look great- and an extra inch makes all the difference, I'm sure!

Sophie's stocking is REALLY great. I'd say you're done.

And Halle's- yeah, I'd do more colors. I would add tiny snowflakes in other colors and underline Halle's name in one of those complimenting colors and call it done. That's just me- you seem to have a great eye for what looks good- just trust your instinct and go with it!

Tisra said...

An, you guys left last night without the embroidery book. If you want to borrow it, it's yours!

Amy said...

I totally forgot about the book. I really do want to look at it though. After seeing the stitches on your pear pillow I like those stitches so much more than just a simple straight stitch or whatever it's called. I really do like embroidery (much better than knitting) because I can be much more free in the design. I was thinking of maybe doing some kitchen towels or something like that for Christmas gifts too so maybe I'll grab the book tomorrow or Monday.

Mary said...

I like Halle's stocking just as it is. I'm into simplicity though. I agree that the Sophie stocking is done as well.

I did start and am almost finished with a project for Chloe and I'm really enjoying myself. I'm trying new embroidery stitches and it's really not very hard at all. I just hope she likes it as much as I do.

Amy said...

I can't wait to see it. The things you design always look great so I'm sure she'll love it.

Christy said...

Love the stockings!