Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catching Up

There really is a lot of stuff going on here and I just haven't taken the time to post about it so here it goes all at once:

Amanda is done with school for the year and is officially a senior! She has 18 days at home (I think) before she heads off to Governor's School. She is also in a fashion show this week at Centennial Park. If you'd like to go just let me know- I know she'd love to have as many friends and "family" there as possible.

Chloe's last day of school is tomorrow and is a "half day". Can you consider 2 hours of school a half day? It's kind of annoying to drop her off and then come right back and pick her up but at least the school is only a few minutes away. She had her last field trip yesterday at Pinkerton Park- 5 hours of unstructured playtime- wow! I really think it would have been better if they'd planned games and things because I was there for a while and the kids were sitting in the shade, sweating, and looking miserable. Chloe had a great time though and was super-excited to have gone on her first bus ride. And I don't know what plans you other Mom's have for the summer but I know that some area movie theaters have free movie days (I don't know about the one here) and maybe we could plan to go together sometime. I'm also hoping for a few library days and Pinkerton Park is fairly shaded to if we go early it might be cool enough. I'm all for wearing the tikes out in the morning so I can have a couple of hours to myself in the afternoon. I hate to say it but having all of the girls at home during the day is going to be a bit of an adjustment but I'm looking forward to having a great time with them.

So I finally finished one fan blade and have started on the second. It really doesn't take long and the last two blades will be really easy because I'm just painting the flowers on them but it's difficult to get to because Halle is constantly trying to stick her fingers in the paint. Then if I do it at night Chloe wants to help but I definitely want to get it finished in the next week. I'm also working on painting the living room. I've had a little bit of luck finding some $5 oops paint at Lowe's so I'm tackling the living room and the kitchen and Tisra gave me some leftover paint from Lael's room so I need to do the girls room as well. The difficulty is clearing the room and spackling and sanding. When we clear the room there is hardly a space to put things and every time I think I'm done with spackling and sanding I find more termite damage. I found a good bit to the right of the front door frame that had been covered with scotch tape and paint! Seriously- SCOTCH TAPE! I find it very difficult at times to not resent the former owners. So anyway, the living room color is called "angel" but I have no idea if they messed up on it or if the people that bought it just didn't like it. But even though I'd planned on going with a slate blue color I really like the stone/sage-y color that it is. I hope it's not too dark. I plan on lightening it up with floor to ceiling light blue curtains (that my Mom and I are working on next week!) and silver accents. And I really think it hardly matters what the color is as long as we paint it something. Our house doesn't feel comfortable at all and it's very stressful so I think a coat of paint will make a huge difference.


Mary said...

That's a whole lot of paint. I wish I could come help because I actually enjoy painting but with the little helpers I have it would really be futile. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Tisra said...

Paint does amazing things, both good and bad (does anyone remember Grant's Biohazard green room?) But, I'm sure that a slate color is great and gives your house a "fresh start" with owners who care.

As soon as our company is gone, I'm game for anything- including watching your girls so that you can be productive on the house.

Amy said...

I do remember Grant's amazingly green room. I also remember making a mistake with paint at my Mom's house. Pom-Pom yellow, yuck! It was more like highlighter/I'm sick at my stomach/green/yellow atrocity. I think she picked a nice green after that. And the blue that you used later was great.

I'll definitely take you up on the watching the kids thing. I'm planning on having the living room done on Saturday- if I can ever get the sanding done.