Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's spring time again and that means wonderful temperatures, beautiful flowers everywhere, longer days and wasps! I really dislike wasps. They're all over our backyard and make it difficult to take the girls outside to play. Travis is ready to spray poison all over everything but call me crazy, I'd prefer to try a natural approach first (in his defense he wants to try the natural stuff first too- but if one of us gets stung all bets are off). I suppose my Dad's natural remedy can be effective at times- he used to douse my swingset in gasoline and set it on fire to get rid of the wasp nests- but since our house isn't made of metal I think we could do some real damage. So I haven't completed my research but I found this and I think it will be a fun thing to do with Chloe. The article says to use a protein source for bait in the spring and fall so I'm thinking that I'll try peanut butter? It's a less-gross protein source than what originally came to mind (spam- yuck!). And so ends my informative-educational post for the day- thank you.

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mary said...

Interesting. I grew up with a good dousing of Raid on our playhouse every Spring. I think we weren't as aware of chemical danger back then.