Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grumpy Buttersticks

Yesterday was such a grumpy day. Halle was rudely awakened to the joys of the time change to take Amanda to school- I know it happened on Sunday but she didn't have to get up super-early that day. So, yesterday she moaned and groaned and fussed all-morning-long. And when she wasn't doing that she was getting into things. While I was stripping wallpaper she got into my brown eyeshadow and was digging it out with her fingernails and rubbing it on the arm of the khaki chair. I-was-so-upset. Thankfully I could brush a lot of it off and Resolve took care of the rest.

Actually, any time I do something around here that requires a lot of concentration Halle destroys something. Last week while I was stripping wallpaper she got into my purse and dug out my favorite lipstick with her fingers and rubbed it all over my favorite green leather wallet along with the table and the floor. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about it. She gets in trouble of course, but I know that I'm at least partly to blame because I'm not paying attention. I can't expect her to behave perfectly because she's two and she's going to get into things. So I've resolved that I'm not doing home improvement stuff during the day. It's not like there's not enough laundry to do during that time anyway. Of course the evenings are super-busy too and I can't just leave all of that to Travis while I strip wallpaper. I guess I'll have to wait until they go to bed- I'll figure it out.

Chloe has been sick for the last 6 days. She had a sore throat and a fever but that is pretty normal for Chloe and she usually gets over it in a couple of days. But yesterday was day 5 and her fever was 100.7 still so I decided that it was definitely time to take her to the doctor. The only catch was that I hadn't taken the time to find a new pediatrician. We really liked our former doctor and really, who likes to find a new pediatrician or any doctor for that matter? So I looked on our insurance website and there were 4 pages of names. How are you supposed to figure it out when you have no idea who any of those people are? So I prayed and asked the Lord to help me figure it out. Then I saw a listing for a children's clinic in Cool Springs and checked out their website. And one of the doctors is from our former doctors practice. And I suppose I should say that Tisra found her a couple of weeks prior but I wasn't sure that I was going to go there. But I have to say that when I saw her picture on the web I felt much more comfortable with a familiar face rather than with someone I'd never met. I hadn't actually seen her that often because she wasn't our doctor but I really liked her a lot. She was very low-key but personable and and asked lots of questions and listened patiently and intently while Chloe told her a story plus her credentials are excellent so I feel comfortable taking the girls there. Oh, and Chloe has Strep Throat- fun. Oh and I should mention (just for bragging because it was cool) that I took Isaac to his Mom's office after the doctor's visit because it was time for her to leave work and she asked if we'd like to take a tour. A tour of what you ask? Well, it was just a tour of BIG IDEA'S STUDIO!!! There really isn't a ton of stuff to see but the studios design is very cool and there is lots of Veggie memorabilia and it was neat to see where the movies are created. Very fun.

So Chloe's new expression of frustration is to snap her fingers and say "Awww, buttersticks!" I don't know where she got it but it is super-cute.

And my final photo of the day is of Amanda dying her hair a couple of nights ago. She kept sculpting it into different designs and would say "hey, look, look. I look like I'm hanging upside down!" etc. So this one is of her "running". That's funny stuff.
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Anonymous said...

WOW...I wish I lived closer to you guys. Halle could come visit Nanny while mommy did all of her projects. Amanda could model her hair styles for us. Buttersticks? That is so cute, but that's our Chloe.

mary said...

You have the best girls. I want a girl...but if it's a boy, don't tell him I said that.

Tisra said...

Buttersticks- that sound very Higglytown-esque, don't you think?

And, wow, that Halle picture *is* grumpy!!!