Thursday, June 23, 2005

Old Town Helena

We had a nice day yesterday. Travis was off so we decided to take the girls to Old Town Helena, now if I was technologically saavy then I would have a link in there but I'm not, sorry.

First we went to lunch at Zaxby's, which btw you should try if you get the chance. Then we headed to Old Town Helena. OTH is an area of Helena that they are working to revitalize and has some charm. It's on a lake with a few restaurants and quaint shops. You can tell that Helena's past is probably a poor one because the old buildings are quite small but it's a nice little place to visit nonetheless. We visited Daffodil's, which is a cute little boutique with not so little prices, featuring women's clothing, purses, shoes, etc. Then we went to Knit Nouveau. I was pretty sure that it was a knitting shop when we went in but thought that they might have other things as well. But it was just knitting stuff. I felt silly walking in. I made sure to tell the girl, a hippy looking chick that was probably the owner, that I don't knit. She looked at me like I was a little nutty, but I made sure to tell her that all my friends knit. It was a cute shop with couches and things in the back I'm assuming are for group knitting. Then Amanda told me that Miss Patty "yarned" her a scarf and I said it was time to go.

Then we headed across the street to the cute Bead place. If I was a good girl, I would have brought the business card in the house, but I'm not and I didn't. I think it was Bead Biz. They had lots of already made pieces for sale as well as the supplies to make your own and also a table to creat your pieces there. They also offer the supplies and things to make your own silver jewelry. It's kind of cool. They use this stuff that looks like chewed bubble gum and you shape it and then fire it in a kiln until it becomes green ware, like ceramics. Then you do something else to it and brush it up and you have your very own silver jewelry.

Next we headed to Big Mountain Coffee. Wow! I was in love as soon as we walked through the door. Picture Starbucks but with charm. Ther are about 7 sofas and several chairs and tables. Nothing matches and there is a stage set up at the front. They serve coffee, coffee drinks, tea, ice cream, sandwiches, etc. They have live music this weekend and have drama type things as well. I think it's my new favorite place to go.

There is an amphitheatre as well that shows movies outdoors on Fridays during the summer and has concerts during the week.

This town is very much like Mayberry and I think we've found where we want to live while we're here. The schools are some of the best in the area, the housing prices are moderate, and overall there is a great sense of community. I like the thought of raising the girls in a very "homey" feeling place and though there are drawbacks I still think it's where we want to be.


mary said...

Well it sounds just wonderful. So glad you had a chance to check it out and enjoy it.

Tisra said...

I think I'll use the term "yarned" from now on- love it!

I've seen that preciuos metal clay in my art supplies catalogue. Very cool. The polymers burn off in the heat and you're left with a slightly shrunken whatever in silver. Its like magic.

Helena sounds sweet. I think its funny that you talk about "for now". You never know- with a charming place like that to live, you may never want to go anywhere else.

Hey- how's Arbonne going? What of that comfort zone?

Amy said...

Yes, I thought "yarned" was incredibly cute, but I was a little embarrassed.

Yeah, I thought I'd like to try it and make something, it looked like much fun.

Well, I thought we'd stay in Nashville forever so now I don't like to think of anything as permanent.

I am working daily to get out of my comfort zone. When we were in OTH I made myself talk to the shopkeepers and I even asked where something was! I know it doesn't sound like much but when I'm at the Library I have to make myself ask the Librarian where things are and it takes about 2 minutes to get up the nerve. Sounds crazy, I know but I'm working on it.

I'm buying "How to Win Friends and Influence People" from Amazon since I can't find it at the Library. It's always checked out. So, Arbonne. I'm not making as much progress as I'd like to but I'm making myself do small things like getting out of the house. It's going to take a little while, but I'll get it.

Wow! That was long!