Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Bunkbeds and Ice Formations

Has it really been over a week since we set the bunkbeds up? I wanted to wait to post pictures until I got the girls bedding-which I did last week- and then I wanted their room to be perfect. And there have been a couple of times that their room has been perfect but I didn't take a picture so I just decided to take a picture and deal with it not being perfect. My parents got a Barbie townhouse for them for Christmas and they've been spending a lot of time playing with it.

So here they are. I like the color. I don't like it that the cats can scratch the finish on it. As you can see they've made it their new hangout.

And this is a sweet little side table that I bought for Chloe in October off of Craig's List. She needed something to put some books in and to put her water cup on at night. It hardly holds a fraction of her books though and I really needed something else. So yesterday I bought a 9 cube organizer for their room too in the same color as the bed. Target has them on sale in the store for $10 off (for that matter nearly everything in Target is on clearance right now). You can see a couple of toys peeking out from under her bed and that's because we've stored toys and books and bags of clothes under there for lack of any other place to put them. The cubes will allow us to store both and hopefully their room will be better organized. Yesterday Christy posted some envy inducing pictures of the beach so I thought I'd post some pretty, if not envy inducing, pics from the rocks behind Target.I'd kind of forgotten that the rocks get like this. It used to be a common sight when I drove on the interstate all the time but I rarely do now. I'm sick of the cold but they're still pretty.And I really hope we get our new windows soon. It's supposed to happen the first of February although I don't have an exact date yet. This shot is of moisture being frozen *between* the two panes of glass.


Christy said...

Oh my! It looks so cold there! Although, those rocks and the ice on them are very beautiful.
The bunk beds look great...and I really love that little table :)

Anonymous said...

I'm at work right now. I'd rather be home, but reading your blog is the next best thing, right? Anyway, the bunk beds are really cool, and Chloe was a GREAT helper in putting them together. I love the icy rocks and don't mind the cold-- I just wish it snowed more (and accumulated). And the windows. It's so fun to see ice between the panes of glass. 'Cause that's supposed to happen, isn't it? Yeah, I can't wait until we get the new windows. :)


Tisra said...

Love the bed... love the bedding! Is that a mini watercooler?! Very cute.

I'm really excited for you to have your new windows, too. I know it will make a tremendous difference in temperature and will certainly make you much happier with your home. You guys have so completely improved the place- it's fabulous.

Amy said...

It *is* a mini watercooler. It was Amanda's Christmas gift to Chloe. I was so shocked but Chloe listed that and her bathrobe as two of her favorite presents- not any of the toys.

Doesn't the bedding look so tweeny? I tried to get Chloe to agree to something kid-like but she'd have none of it. I'm kind of bummed that from here on out I'll have hardly any say-so when it comes to her room. I do like the bedding though; it's pretty cool and Chloe has good taste.

Ms. Tee said...

The beds are so pretty - I like that color, too. And the little table is cute and girlie. :)
I think I need to head to Target and see what all is on clearance!

Mary said...

As you know...I love the beds and the bedding. I love pink and brown. I am tired of being cold but I love being cozy by the fire when it is cold so I don't mind the cold when I can do that. :)

Today...it's warming up...and it's a nice break.

Angie said...

WOW! Love the new bunk beds and bedding! The pictures of the rocks are gorgeous too~

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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